Understanding Rival Gaming Keno

As such keno games are similar across online gaming software providers. However there are differences in detail. Expert players can quickly become familiar with the unique aspects in keno games of different software providers. Novice players can take some time. This article provides tips to novice players about understanding and wagering at Rival Gaming keno.

The first thing that players need to do is mark the numbers on the keno ticket. In Rival Gaming keno players can mark from 1 to 15 numbers. Some players are extremely fussy and choose their lucky patterns while marking the numbers. Others accept the fact that numbers are called randomly and therefore marking the numbers in any pattern does not offer a greater chance of winning. They prefer to mark the numbers as quickly as possible. Most online gaming software providers provide a quick pick option in their keno games. Usually this option marks the maximum numbers in a random manner. In Rival Gaming the quick pick button is labeled as QUIKPIK and it appears on the bottom right hand side of the screen. The advantage in Rival Gaming keno is that players can set how many numbers they want to mark before exercising the quick pick option.

Again, there are some players who like to change the pattern after every draw, particularly if they have been unlucky. And there are other players who go by the mathematics and understand that changing the pattern is not going to increase or decrease the chance of winning. In order to get on with the game quickly they do not mind repeating the pattern for each draw. For such players Rival Gaming provides the option of playing 5 games or 10 games continuously without manual intervention using the same pattern. At the bottom of the screen there are three buttons labeled Play1, Play5 and Play10. Players can click on the button they want to activate the desired number of continuous games.

Players who wager on continuous games should understand the mechanism for subtracting from and adding to the money balance in the player’s account. Suppose the player has selected a coin denomination of $2 and is playing 5 games continuously. The moment he activates the keno game his account will be reduced by the first wager of $2 only and not by the entire $10 wagered over the 5 games. The Bet amount will show $2 and the Win amount will be blank. Say the player wins $4 in the first game. The Win amount will show $4. His balance will be increased by $4 and then immediately decreased by $2 being the wager for the next game. The win amount will continue to show $4 for the duration of the next game. When the game is complete the new win amount will be displayed, the balance will increase by this amount and then immediately reduce by $2. This process will continue for all five games. The win amount finally shown is the amount won in the fifth game only and not the cumulative amount won over 5 games. All this happens so fast that a new player can get confused.

The keno game plays much faster in Rival Gaming software because there is less of animation. There is no display of the balls being mixed in a cage and falling out one by one. Balls directly appear on the screen over the numbers called. Gray colored balls are used to indicate numbers called that have not been marked by the player and blue colored balls are used to indicate numbers called that have been marked by the player. This makes it easy for the player to figure out the final tally.


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Comment by: Gino On: April 19, 2010
All keno games are the same if you ask me there's never really any difference from one to the next. Plus more then that it's a pretty lame game if you ask me.
Comment by: Charlie K. On: April 13, 2010
I've played the Rival Keno in the past and it's just as easy to understand and know to play as all other Keno games out there that are offered by other online casino software providers.

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