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Problem Gambling & Prevention Measures

By:, Monday October 13th 2008
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It is mandatory for online casinos to make players aware of the dangers of problem gambling, how to prevent this from happening and in the unlikely event the player is afflicted by problem gambling where and how he can find assistance.

Problem gambling is broadly defined as the urge to continue gambling despite being aware that it is having harmful consequences for the player. These consequences could be a deterioration of the physical or mental health of the player; financial troubles arising out of expenditure on gambling being far in excess of what the income can support or the disruption of family life on account of not being able to provide sufficient time or financial support.

Before the issue of problem gambling can be addressed the player has to recognize and accept the problem. Fortunately experts in this area have listed out various symptoms of problem gambling and the player can find these checklists on most online casinos. Some of these warning signs are given below.

Problem Gambling Warning Signs:

  • The player spends long periods of time reliving his gambling experiences or planning how to spend money that he has not yet won.

  • The player needs to keep increasing the amounts that he wagers in order to get enjoyment from online gambling.

  • The player feels restless, depressed or irritable when he is not gambling.

  • The player has felt the need to cut down or stop gambling but has been unable to do so.

  • The player gambles to escape from personal problems such as loneliness or marital unhappiness.

  • The player lies to family and friends about his gambling habits and losses.

  • The player habitually borrows money or borrows large sums of money or steals money in order to gamble.
  • The player gambles at work or college.

As in all else, prevention is better than cure. Therefore online casinos offer a list of dos and don'ts to online players. These are very important and should be kept in mind at all times. Some of the items are stated below.

Preventing Problem Gambling:

  • Before starting the player should fix a daily, weekly and monthly limit.

  • Before starting the player should fix how long he should play.

  • The player should gamble for pleasure and not to pay for his new house or his children's education or his existing debts.

  • The player should not borrow money to gamble.

  • The player should not chase losses. And he should also be able to leave the casino when he is winning.

  • The player should understand that online casino games are games of chance and that there are no sure shot winning formulas.

For players who are on the verge of problem gambling online casinos recommend and also provide for a voluntary exclusion periods. If the player activates this facility the online casino will prevent him from gambling for the specified period. Serious problem gambling cases should take professional assistance from organizations like Gamblers Anonymous or GamCare.

Problem Gambling Resources:

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Comment by: diane On: August 12, 2011
Ok I still gamble once in awhile down to once a month or less. I was where most gamblers are now Addicted....I could not stop no matter what. I tried but having the computer at home was the worse thing. It was always on my mind. So after 7 years battling with myself and my friend I had to to something. I finally went to counseling. Again it took me awhile before I made up my own mind. I had it in me that this was just an entertainment. Any excuse does.It was but was a major problem. I quit counseling than after awhile started listening to how my friend was getting upset with me. One evening I just turned the computer off and said that's it I am going to a treatment center. That's what I did after calling back my counselor. She set everything up for me. That was angel with wings. I am not cured but seems if I don't do it on the computer I am ok. I take a bus to go to a casino. Than have to come back at a certain time. This works for me. Never gambled back online and never will. I am proud of myself. I had lots of help at that treatment center in Windsor,Ontario,Canada!!! Good luck all!
Comment by: sambatto On: April 25, 2010
Problem gambling is a serious thing I've seen a few people actually go though it and when it comes down to it something that really shouldn't be taken all that lightly.
Comment by: Charles L. On: February 03, 2010
Problem gambling has become a huge issue and problem throughout the world so dealing with prevention and avoiding situations that you can get into that get you into becoming a problem gambler are key!
Comment by: Dr. Braisen On: February 02, 2010
One of the main hurdles in any regulation that we'll see that the US will put into action will use Problem Gambling as a main means of stunting any potential legislation from passing I would have to say.
Comment by: budahbless On: January 22, 2010
I think that too many players get overly caught up in online casinos and gambling overall online. I think that the best way to prevent this it to implement a strictly adhered to policy whereby you tell yourself that you won't play more then a certain amount per day, week, month, year!!!
Comment by: Joshua On: January 16, 2010
Gamblers anonymous is good if you think you have a problem. I have a friend of mine that joined and has never played since. I think that being around like minded people with the same problem is definitely a plus if you do think that you have a problem. It's easier to discuss this sort of thing with people that are the same.
Comment by: Morris On: December 21, 2009
There are a great set of rules to use as a guideline. A lot of people don't really know that they have a problem until it's too late so always be sure to be on top of things to ensure that you don't develop any sort of gambling problem.
Comment by: Corbin Dallas On: December 17, 2009
I have to agree and think that doing what you can before a problem develops is key to ensuring that one doesn't develop. People who put off dealing with things sooner then later could find themselves to become the victims of a gambling problem that could very well develop and literally overnight. I think that following the guidelines for prevention is key!
Comment by: Julia Fernando On: December 04, 2009
Much like being addicted to drugs, gambling addiction depends primarily on the personality of the player. It's his personal decision if he will bet all that he got to be able to get pleasure in playing. I'm playing in online casinos like Gamblux online casino for quite some time now but I still moderate how I play.
Comment by: Andy B. On: October 05, 2009
Chasing your losses would account for the biggest issue as far as I'm concerned when it comes to developing a gambling problem. People sink into the hole way too often by thinking they can make back lost money. People who view gaming this way should really not play as.
Comment by: Cynthia On: August 31, 2009
I think that getting hypnotized probably works for smokers but I've never really heard of it working for people who are gamblers to kick their gambling habits. I think that gambling problems are ingrained in people and simply by getting hypnotized and told not to do it won't kick the habit. I could be wrong and if it does work great but I'd be very surprised if a person who had a really bad gambling problem was able to kick their habit this way and stay a non-gambler indefinitely.
Comment by: Flint Carling On: August 11, 2009
I know people that have knocked their gambling habits by getting hypnotized. I'm not sure if it's a load of bull but I know that friends of mine that have been smokers that have recently quit by means of being hypnotized have done so successfully and are no longer smokers any longer. So who knows perhaps it actually really works.
Comment by: Jordan On: July 10, 2009
Preventing problem gaming and taking measures so as to not sink into the hole is very much advised. If you do though there are some great support groups out there such as Gamblers Anonymous and other local groups and agencies that can help pretty much regardless of where you live in the world.
Comment by: Juda On: July 03, 2009
If you're playing in a land based casino my suggestion would be to only bring a certain amount of cash with you and to leave your credit cards at home. That way if you're tempted to play with more then you originally planned on you just can't. When playing online it's a little more difficult as the entire purchase procedure revolves around either using a credit card or connecting your bank account to an alternative payment option that you then use to fund directly from your bank account. When playing online I think you really need to excessive restraint.
Comment by: T. Bugatto On: June 29, 2009
Before you get to a point where you develop a problem it's best to put measures into place that prevent you from even getting to that point. Players who chase their losses will often times naturally fall into a hole and have the worst of a time trying to claw their way back out. Know your limits and stick to them and you'll be fine it's as simple as that!

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