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Keno is a mix of the lottery and bingo, to my mind. You have a game in which there are balls drawn to tell you which numbers have been picked. You also have a card that you will choose numbers on for the drawing. In some cases you can have a bingo like appearance in the numbers you bet on, or you can have random numbers. In Keno you will be on 1 to 10 numbers. These numbers are in a range of 1 to 80. In other words, any number in that range can be bet on once. You are not allowed to choose the same number twice on a ticket, unless it is a multiple ticket.

Knowing the type of ticket you have will help you figure out what type of bet you can place. If you just want to bet one game then you need a single ticket. For more than one game the multiple ticket allows you to choose the type of set up. There is no real strategy to this game. You see, it is all about chance. The balls are drawn on a random system, in fact they are tumbled in a basket like the lottery numbers.

Some believe if you study the pattern of numbers that were last drawn you have more of a chance at winning. All they are doing is looking for a pattern. You see, after each drawing in Keno the balls are placed back in the basket and spun so you still have the chance that any of 80 will be drawn. Truthfully you have the same chance on each ball that it will be the winner.

In Keno the best thing you can do is play as many numbers per ticket as possible set by the gaming rules of the casino. This means if you can play up to ten numbers, you should play all ten. It gives you more of a chance to win the round. If you just guess on one number it is rather like Roulette, with 44 more numbers to help increase the house edge against you.

Keno allows you to go away from the lounge or the area you placed the bet. The balls will still be drawn and you can pick up your ticket after a little while. You should remember to pick it up after you know the drawing is going to be over so you don't forget, but you can also have the Keno runner find you, if you know where you will be.

Luckily with Keno you can decide how much you want to wager on the ticket. Most Keno will play for as low as a dollar, but you can always wager more. It is a dollar per ticket or per game. So a multiple ticket would require a dollar for each section that you are going to be playing.


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Comment by: Dino Lucci On: September 11, 2009
Yeah agreed and the only think you need on your side is luck as there's really no other factor involved other then luck when it comes to this game!
Comment by: Rubin On: August 26, 2009
Keno has got to be one of the easiest games to learn how to play. It's like playing any big lottery in Canada or the US but online.

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