Blackjack Lessons

Lesson 1: Blackjack History

Information and details about the history of the game of Blackjack. Read More »

Lesson 2: Blackjack Rules

Details and information about the rules of blackjack and how the game is played can be found here. Read More »

Lesson 3: Blackjack Strategy

Our Blackjack Strategy offers an complete overview and look into strategies that can surely help you improve your game plan and vastly benefit from playing proper Blackjack Strategy. Read More »

Lesson 4: Blackjack Glossary

Our blackjack glossary is among the most comprehensive grouping of blackjack terminology online. Read More »

Lesson 5: Blackjack Card Counting

Card counting is a technique used by land casino blackjack players to increase their chances of winning. The casinos have reacted by introducing early shuffling and advanced shufflers. Read More »

Lesson 6: Blackjack Variations

There are many variations in online blackjack that make the game more exciting. Some of the best blackjack games have been reviewed by Casino Advisor. Read More »

Lesson 7: Blackjack Doubling Strategy

The doubling strategy in blackjack depends on the players dealt cards and the dealer's face up card. It has been arrived at through computer simulations. Read More »

Lesson 8: Blackjack Splitting Strategy

The split move in blackjack allows players to exploit their strengths or the dealer's weakness. It is imperative that players know when to exercise this move. Read More »

Lesson 9: Blackjack Rule Variations Affect House Edges

Online blackjack is played with different rules. This results in games having different house edges. This lesson explains how the house edges change with the blackjack variants. Read More »

Lesson 10: Blackjack Surrender Strategy

In blackjack variants that allow the player to surrender, this option must be judiciously exercised so as to salvage half the wager. Read More »

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