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We've received reports from several affiliate programs that people posing as representing Casino Advisor have been contacting them in order to attempt to either extract our login credentials to affiliate accounts or strike deals with affiliate programs for exposure on our site. Please make note that no e-mails will ever come from one of our staff that can be found listed here. Note in particular people have been posing as some of our writers including Adam Baker, Rick Balding, Ryan Alders, Joe Valentino, Fabian Rictor and Joan Peppin. Please ignore any such correspondence received by anyone claiming to be these individuals or claiming to be a representative of Casino Advisor.

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About Casino Advisor:

Casino Advisor is comprised of a group of individuals who are focused on brining forth the best online casino gambling portal on the internet. With a long history in the online casino industry we have decided to invest allot of time and effort to produce a high quality detailed site that is suitable for every class of player out there. By delivering the most in depth reviews of online casinos, casino games, payment options, casino software and all other aspects of online casino gaming we've put together what we not only think but know is the most comprehensive online casino guide on the internet.

Objective reviews which feature several tabs of information including casino review, bonuses and promotion, software information, in depth details and player reviews players who utilize our site will find they have everything they need right at their fingertips. Not only will you find that casino reviews have been broken down into such depths but also our reviews of online casino games, software and banking options also feature highly detailed reviews.

More then just reviews and information on Casino Advisor you'll be able to indulge in our custom suite of online casino games, enjoy posting in our forum and message board, writing reviews and performing other such activities while marinating one single account at our site. We've integrated all aspects of our site with one centralized user account which will allow you to participate in all member activities but with only one account making life easier and more convenient.

What separates us from other online casino portals and sites alike is that we are not only a gambling portal but also a community that integrates player reviews and commentary into several areas of the site. This allows everyone with an opinion to contribute and add value to the site thus helping to add player objectivity to our review process.

At Casino Advisor we strive to make our products and services better by innovating and pushing the boundaries. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you. Please be sure to contact us at: webmaster@casinoadvisor.com to offer your feedback.

Meet Our Team Here at Casino Advisor:

Building a site as elaborate as Casino Advisor requires a team of dedicated individuals to ensure that the site is maintained and kept fresh. Casino Advisor offers the latest news that is fed directly from sources within the online gaming industry. This allows us to provide visitors such as yourself with up to date information on what's hot, new developments and more. Should you be interested in plugging our news into your RSS reader click here. More information about the staff responsible for managing Casino Advisor can be found below:

Adam Baker - With a passion for the gaming industry both online and offline Adam has been a huge contributor to Casino Advisor sourcing news pertaining to online casinos and gaming online though his various sources. We've always found that his reach is far in way of exposure in the industry though the contacts that he maintains.

Rick Balding - Rick has been writing for Casino Advisor for quite some time and is an invaluable resource of information for subjects pertaining to gaming. Rick has a wealth of experience that he brings to Casino Advisor that stems from his experience in the world of terrestrial land based gaming.

Ryan Alders - All things related to entertainment really sums up what Ryan has passion for. Whether it be traditional console type gaming, land based casino gaming, poker or other areas of gaming entertainment Ryan digs deep and is very resourceful when it comes to the content he produces for Casino Advisor.

Joe Valentino - Graduating with a degree from Harvard University with a degree in business Joe is a valuable asset to the site. He brings froth not only a strong technical and business background but he also brings forth a writing skill and has been featured here on the site many times and will continue to be moving forward.

Fabian Rictor - Although you don't see that much in way of news or articles produced by Fabian his writings have been featured here on the site many times in the past. Even though we'd like to keep Fabian all to ourselves here unfortunately as he's a freelance he's made it clear that he doesn't like to commit to "one gig" as he'd say... you know we love you though!

Joan Peppin - A true American online casino player with a passion that far surpasses that of anyone we've ever met in this industry. Joan has a dedication unlike anyone when it comes to doing research, drafting articles and papers submitted and approved here on Casino Advisor.

Note: All of our writers have requested that we not publish their @casinoadvisor.com domains and hence we have honored their wishes. Should you be interested in communicating with one of our editors please contact us at webmaster@casinoadvisor.com and we'll do our best to assist you in a timely manner. The above members of the Casino Advisor team are not all full time employees but rather freelance writers with a passion for wiring articles specific to the gaming industry.

In addition to our regular writers and staff here at Casino Advisor we also from time to time will have guest writers that may be responsible for drafting articles or news that are specific to their own particular areas of interest or expertise. Further more we'd like to give mention of Tim Jenkins and Phil Benton who are both very savvy tech guys who are responsible for ensuring that the site is up and running, loading quickly and all that other tech stuff is handled.

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Note: Our preferred method of contact is via e-mail, however for your convenience please use whatever option is most convenient to you!

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