Craps Lessons

Lesson 1: Craps History

Found here in this lesson is information pertaining to the history and origins of the game of craps. Read More »

Lesson 2: Craps Rules

Here you'll find information about the rules of Craps and how to play the game. Read More »

Lesson 3: Craps Strategy

Craps is a game where if you know proper strategy you'll have a better shot of winning. Learn about the various strategies that can be applied while you play Craps here in our Craps Strategy lesson. Read More »

Lesson 4: Craps Glossary

Here in our Craps glossary you'll find terminology associated with the game of Craps. If you're looking for a dictionary / glossary of terms related to Craps be sure to read though our definitions. Read More »

Lesson 5: Craps House Edges

Because there are many bets in craps with varying house edges players should know how to compute the house edges. This lesson provides basic insights. Read More »

Lesson 6: Comparing Bets in Craps

Craps offers a large number of bets. House edges can be used to compare the favorability of the different bets. This lesson lists the house edges for some common Microgaming craps bets. Read More »

Lesson 7: The Place to Win Bet in Craps

The Place to Win is a very popular one in online craps. This lesson explains the various ways in which this bet can be placed and the house edges for each. Read More »

Lesson 8: Understanding Points in Craps

There are two points in craps the pass line point and the come point. The players must be able to understand how they are established and cleared. Read More »

Lesson 9: The Hardways Bets in Craps

Though the hardways bets are avoidable, craps players should know what these bets are and why they have high house edges. Read More »

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