Selecting Playtech Casino Keno to Play

Most online gaming software providers offer a single keno variant at their casinos. Therefore the only decision that players have to make is whether to play keno or not to play keno. However Playtech offers three variants of keno. These are Keno, Fortune Keno and Keno Xperiment. Players who desire to play keno at Playtech casinos will have to choose from one of these. This article explains the features of each of these variants, which should help players in making this choice.

From the perspective of the rules all three games are identical. Playtech allows players to mark between 2 and 10 numbers on the ticket. Most other software providers allow up to 15 numbers and this difference should be noted. The payout table in all three variants is identical. The highest payout of 10,000X is offered when there are 10 hits with 10 numbers marked.

The keno variants differ in their visual appeal and in some features. Keno is the simplest game. Players can wager between 0.25 and 5.00 credits. Players have to mark the numbers by clicking them. There is no quick mark option that randomly marks the numbers at the click of a single button. Players can play a single game or five games continuously with the same pattern marked on the ticket. Once the numbers are marked then the corresponding payout table is displayed on the screen. Once the Play button is activated the randomly drawn numbers are displayed on the ticket in rapid succession. They are shown as red balls if the number drawn did not match with the original selection and as green balls if they did match. The results are summarized in a separate box, the amount won is displayed if a payout is due.

Fortune Keno is identical to Keno as far as the game mechanism goes. It has been given a different visual look. There is an image of a beautiful fortune teller next to the ticket. Once the Play button is clicked the crystal ball of the fortune teller lights up and twenty bright sparks fly from the ball and randomly hit numbers on the ticket. Then the crystal ball returns to its original form. Players who find such visual animations attractive should choose Fortune Keno over Keno. Those who like fast paced no frill action should wager on Keno.

Keno Xperiment is a visual improvement over Keno and has an additional useful feature. It has a Random Pick feature in which players can choose from 2 to 10 numbers randomly marked on the ticket. Players who play five games in a row have further options. The default option is of using the same pattern for all the five games. However players can enable the option of picking new numbers automatically before each round. All other features are identical to Keno. Visually Keno Xperiment is set in a futuristic environment. The layout resembles some ultra modern laboratory and the audio and video have a futuristic touch. However the visual appeal in no match for Fortune Keno. Players should choose Keno Xperiment only if they want to utilize the Random Pick feature. Otherwise Keno or Fortune Keno is preferable.


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