Keno Lessons

Lesson 1: Keno History

Details about the history of Keno and it's origins can be found in our Keno history lesson. Read More »

Lesson 2: Keno Rules

If you're interested in learning the rules of Keno and how to play the game we suggest that you read our Keno rules lesson for information. Read More »

Lesson 3: Keno Strategy

Keno is a game of pure chance and as a result there is not much in way of strategy that will help you improve your technique while playing keno. We have however put together a few suggestions in our Keno strategy lesson. Read More »

Lesson 4: Keno Glossary

Find helpful Keno terminology to help you understand the various aspects of the game of Keno in our glossary of Keno terms. Read More »

Lesson 5: Microgaming Keno

Microgaming provides keno in its suite of games. The largest payout is 10,000 for all 15 selected numbers being hit. Read More »

Lesson 6: Vegas Technology Keno

Keno in Vegas Technology online casinos allows players to play multiple games with the same ticket and same wager. The game has some excellent animation. Read More »

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