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Important Notice to Affiliate Programs (Added: December 4, 2012)

We've received reports from several affiliate programs that people posing as representing Casino Advisor have been contacting them in order to attempt to either extract our login credentials to affiliate accounts or strike deals with affiliate programs for exposure on our site. Please make note that no e-mails will ever come from one of our staff that can be found listed here.

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Should you be interested in contacting Casino Advisor or it's staff for anything please contact us at the following e-mail addresses and we'll do our best to reply to you within 24 hours.

Below you'll find a variety of contact options and means for getting in touch with us. Our preferred method of contact is via e-mail, however for your convenience please use whatever option is most convenient to you!


Land Mail

60 Market Square
P.O. Box 364
Belize City

If you'd like to learn more about Casino Advisor and our team that's responsible for managing the site be sure to visit our About Us section.


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