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When it comes to trust and security you can rest assured that Casino Advisor is a reputable source for information related to online casinos. In terms of data integrity for the information found on our site, our ISP and other factors that affect our site we have done our best to ensure that we are always up and running. Since unfortunately there are no accrediting agencies for online casino portals that validate and verity that they are who they say they are we cannot provide any such validation or guarantees. If we could we surely would do so but at this time no such thing exists.

We strive to ensure that all the information presented throughout our site is accurate and dependable. From time to time however it may happen that one of the promotions, payout percentages or other values represented on the site are off it's simply due to the fact that we may have missed something. If you discover such an instance please be sure to contact us and advise as we'd love to hear from you and address the change.

Our site will never require that you divulge any personal information about accounts that you may have with online casinos, any financial information or banking details. If ever you find yourself subject to being asked questions regarding such information either via email or other means please contact us immediately.

Third Parties, Online Casinos, Etc...

Since we cannot guarantee the safety of online casinos we only recommend playing at top tier online casinos developed by quality software providers. These include casinos that are powered by Microgaming, Wizard Gaming, Playtech, Cryptologic, Realtime Gaming, Vegas Technologies and a handful of other software providers you may find on our site. Most other providers of online gaming software have not established themselves in the industry likely due to lack of credibility amongst players and operators alike. Thus we'd recommend staying away from those casinos powered by a software solution you haven't seen listed here on Casino Advisor.

Most online casinos make it clear in the footer of the homepage of their website as to which software provider powers their online casino. Additionally often times you'll find emblems or logos that represent whether casino software that powers the casino has been audited by third party agencies to validate and verity the integrity of the software and to ensure that it's not cheating players.

Throughout our site you'll find more information related to this topic of trust and security and we recommend reading these if you're still unsure as to whether you should play online.

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