Understanding Video Poker Payout Table
The payout table is a key component of video poker games. Usually the entire payout table is prominently displayed above the dealt cards in single hand games. In multi hand games usually only the relevant column of the payout table is displayed. The payout table is different for different video poker games, but the underlying principle is the same. This article explains the payout table with reference to the single hand Jacks or Better from Microgaming.

The payout table has six columns. The first column states the hands that have a payout. In Jacks or Better hands with less than a pair of jacks do not pay and hence do not figure in the payout table. In video poker the player can wager from one to five coins. The next five columns of the payout table give the payouts for the different coins wagered, beginning with one coin and ending with five coins. Actually the pay table provides a simple way of selecting the number of coins wagered. Players can click on the appropriate column. This way they do not repeatedly have to click the Bet One button. When a player clicks on a column it gets highlighted. If the player draws a winning combination, then the combination name in the first column and the payout in the highlighted column start flashing. This immediately tells the player what kind of hand he has drawn and how many coins he has won.

For example if a player has wagered 2 coins and drawn Two Pairs then his payout is 4 coins. If the player wants to know the amount that he has won he has to multiply the payout in coins with the coin denomination. In the above case if the coin denomination is 0.25 credits, then the player wins 1.00 credits.

The payouts in the column for 2 coins wagered are exactly twice the payouts in the column for 1 coin wagered for all winning hands. Similarly this is true for the columns with 3 coins wagered and 4 coins wagered. It is also true for the column with 5 coins wagered except for the Royal Flush hand. With 1 coin wagered the payout is 50 coins for a Straight Flush. With 5 coins wagered the payout is 250 coins for a Straight Flush, exactly five times the earlier payout. With 1 coin wagered the payout is 250 coins for a Royal Flush. With 5 coins wagered the payout is 4000 coins for a Royal Flush, much more than five times the earlier payout. Five times the earlier payout would have been only 1250 coins. This is the most important tip the payout table provides. It makes sense to wager 5 coins each time just so that one can get the bonus or jackpot bonanza if one draws a Royal Flush.


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Comment by: Kevin Jones On: August 27, 2009
Payout tables for video pokers are easy to understand. One thing I just wanted to mention here is that when evaluating power poker payout tables in Microgaming and other software providers casinos you should know that the payout tables may be on a separate screen and not as visible as those that are in single or four hand video poker games.

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