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Realtime Gaming (RTG) video poker games play a bit differently. The amounts wagered are not deducted from the casino account balance but the game has to be preloaded with credits transferred from the casino account and those credits are then to be used for wagering. Similarly the amounts won remain as credits within the game and are not credited to the casino account. The credits lying within the game can be cashed out at any time and transferred to the casino account.

How much should the player transfer to the RTG video poker game to start with? In a sense it does no matter because if he runs out of credits he can always reload and if he has transferred more than he required then he can always cash out at the end of the game. Even though reloading is simple task players tend to load larger than required amounts to start with and then give in to the temptation of wagering whatever has been loaded.

It is more prudent to adopt a responsible gambling approach. The player must have a wagering target both in terms of credits and time. If his target is 1,000 credits over 60 minutes he should load the RTG video poker game by only 1,000 credits. If the credits are consumed before the time is up the player should not reload but end the game prematurely. Otherwise he should cash out at the end of 60 minutes.

There is one drawback with this method. The winnings remain in play at all times and the player would be using them to wager along with the credits loaded. It would help if he devised some system to remove his winnings from his playing money. The most thorough way of doing this would be cashing out after each win and reloading the playing balance only. But this is not a practical approach and middle of the path solution needs to be adopted.

One method is as follows. If the player has a target of wagering 1,000 credits over 60 minutes then he should load only 500 credits to start with. If he is extremely lucky and keeps winning the 500 credits may last the full 60 minutes and would have thus made a saving of at least 500 credits. If he had loaded the full amount then he would have more playing money in the RTG video poker game and may have been tempted to increase the amount of his wagers. If the player runs out of credits after 45 minutes and has 15 minutes of wagering left then he does not reload the full remaining 500 credits but only a pro rata amount of 250 credits.

In another method the player does not withdraw after each win but sets targets for cash outs. He loads the full 1,000 credits to start with but has a target of cashing out whenever he has a net winning of 200 credits. Supposing after wagering for 15 minutes the credits balance in the RTG video poker game reach 1200. He then cashes out and reloads a pro rata amount for the balance period. In this case he has 45 minutes left and therefore he will load only 750 credits.


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