Gamble Feature in Video Poker Games

Almost all online video poker games today come with a gamble game feature. If the player receives a payout in the normal video poker game he can stake that payout in the gamble game feature with the hope of multiplying it. The most common form of the gamble game is to select a color from red and black. If the player chooses the right color then he doubles the payout, otherwise he loses it all. In another form of the gamble game the player selects one of the four suits in a deck of cards. If he chooses correctly then he quadruples the payout, otherwise he loses it all. In yet another format the dealer is dealt a card face up and the player has to choose from one of the face down cards. If the player's card is higher he doubles the payout otherwise he loses his stake.

The gamble game has no house edge. There is no advantage either to the casino or to the player. The question arises as to why online gaming software providers offer the gamble game in their video poker games. The idea is to offer something extra to make the video poker game more interesting. Probably one of the leading online gaming software providers introduced this game in order to gain competitive advantage and the others followed suit. In any event it is an optional game and players can always collect their payouts without wagering them on the gamble game.

To exercise the option of the gamble game just because it is there is not the right way of thinking. The gamble game can be repeated again and again, provided the player wins, till a preset limit is reached. However the player is likely to lose sometime before that and would have to give up everything he has earned. Given below are three tips on how to handle the gamble game. Players can take a call based on their inclinations and objectives.

The first tip is not to exercise the gamble game option at all. The objective is to play video poker and the player should stick to it. In fact some online gaming software providers allow players to disable the gamble game. Players not intending to wager on the gamble game should consider disabling the game altogether.

However, some players feel that it would be a waste not to exercise an option that is provided, and perhaps their view is not wholly unjustified. Multi-hand video poker provides an opportunity to use the gamble game without going overboard. In multi-hand video poker and identical wager is placed for each hand played. Some hands may win other hands may lose. Hence the total payout could very well be less than the total amount wagered. The gamble game can be used to try and recoup the wagered amount. For example if the total wager is $1 and the total payout is $0.5 the player can stake the payout of $0.5 in the gamble game. If he wins in the gamble game his payout reaches $1, if he loses then he loses the entire stake. If he wins it should be satisfied that he has recouped his wager and should desist from staking the winnings again in the gamble game.

Some online gaming software providers offer a perfect gamble game. They allow players to collect half the payout and wager the other half in the gamble game. This gives the player the best of both worlds. He has collected a part of his winnings and therefore will not lose everything should he lose in the gamble game. At the same time he is able to take the chance of multiplying a part of his payout using the gamble game. If at all players want to go for the gamble game they should search for video poker games that offer this kind of gamble game.


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Comment by: Corbin Dallas On: February 19, 2010
The gamble feature as a feature in general is a key one to have in both slots games as well as video poker but I would have to say especially in video poker. I'm not a huge video poker player but I just know this is the case as I know lots of people friends and family who are addicted to video poker how some of us are addicted to slots, lol...
Comment by: jerrybrown On: February 04, 2010
The gamble feature is a must for any online casino software platform and that I have to agree with. I do beleive that there are loads of players out there who do make use of this feature!
Comment by: Bennet Jones On: January 28, 2010
It's very common that the gamble feature be present in video poker games whether they be at land casinos or those found online. It would be very strange actually to find video poker games that don't offer the gamble feature.

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