Take Full Advantage of Loyalty Programs

Online casinos offer methods that allow players to increase their bankroll without the players themselves contributing. It would be foolish to let these opportunities go. The best method from the point of view of the player is the loyalty rewards program that almost all online casinos offer. The advantage to the player is that he is not required to make a claim or enter a code or participate in an event. He simply has to keep wagering and the casino software automatically calculates and credits the amounts due.

This does not imply that the player does not have to do anything. The player has to first of evaluate the loyalty rewards programs of the online casinos under his consideration and factor their pros and cons into his overall assessment. Loyalty rewards programs work through comp points. The players are given 1 comp point for a specified amount wagered and then a specified number of comp points accumulated are converted to $1 worth of playing credits. What the player has to work out is how much he needs to wager in order to get $1 of playing credit. Suppose that the player gets 1 comp point for every $X wagered and Y comp points can be redeemed for $1 of playing credit. Then the player has to wager X multiplied by Y dollars to get $1 of playing credit. The larger this product the less beneficial it is to the player. There are other aspects to be considered as well. One is how often are the credits given to the player. The amounts being credited every day is better than the amounts being credited every week, which is better than the amounts being credited every month. Most online casinos require the players to accumulate a certain number of comp points before they can be redeemed. The larger this number the more difficult it will be for the player to receive the credits. Another point to be considered is for how long does the online casino carry forward the unredeemed comp points. The player has to analyze these factors with reference to his expected betting level and then arrive at an evaluation. For example if a player's wagering level will only result in 100 comp points a month and he needs at least 500 comp points in order to redeem them, then such a program will not be beneficial to the player.

Some casinos offer rewards programs in which wagering levels are also linked to the reload bonus structure. For example at a lower tier the reload bonus may be 5% of the deposit and at the higher level it may be 10% of the deposit. This is an advantage that the player should factor in while selecting an online casino. Some casinos also allow quicker redemption of comp points at higher levels. These levels or tiers are usually referred to as VIP levels by online casinos. Players should keep track of their wagering. If they are on the borderline it may be to their advantage to do that extra bit of wagering and move on to the higher VIP level and reap the better advantages.

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Comment by: kristoph On: October 10, 2009
Taking advantage of loyalty rewards is great sometimes you don't know even that you're accumulating points when you're playing as some online casinos don't really publicize the fact that they have loyalty rewards programs in place for their players.
Comment by: Paul K. On: October 04, 2009
I've become more and more fond of loyalty rewards schemed at online casinos lately and have found that some of the points that you rack up and be quite substantial and it's like finding that $20 bill in your pocket the odd time (a great feeling), lol...
Comment by: Steve Brando On: September 07, 2009
Yeah it's silly not to take advantage of the loyalty rewards points that are offered at online casinos especially since most good casinos both those operating currently and still in the US market and abroad offer quality loyalty rewards offerings. If you don't take advantage of these rewards points which are essentially the same thing as collecting Air Miles points you really should start as you'd missing out otherwise.
Comment by: Charlie K. On: September 06, 2009
I don't know why someone wouldn't take advantage of a loyalty rewards program. I think that they're not only a great incentive factor to keep playing at casinos that you spend the most time at but the rewards do add up especially if you're a big player. You should keep this in mind as there is a lot of value in taking advantage of such programs offered by casinos. In fact I don't think that I'd really play at a casino that didn't offer a loyalty rewards incentives program.

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