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Casino Loyalty Rewards Programs

By: Adam Baker, Tuesday December 9th 2008
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There are several mechanisms used by online casinos to attract and retain players. The most common is through bonuses. Another method is by holding promotional events that offer huge prizes. But the method most benefiting players is the loyalty rewards program that many online casinos offer. These are transparent mechanisms and more importantly their offer benefits automatically and on a continuous basis. Players are advised to seek out online casinos that have good loyalty programs and patronize them.

In its simplest form the loyalty rewards program can be stated as that the players 1 comp point for every $X wagered and when players accumulate Y comp points they can redeem those for $1 of playing credit. Different online casinos have different values of X and Y. Different online casinos also have different names for "comp points". Ultimately what is important to the player is how much playing credit he gets for a given amount wagered. These playing credits can be used for wagering in the same manner that bonuses are used. Online casinos do impose wagering requirements on the credits given through loyalty programs. Since the online casino software logs the amount wagered by each player, it could be programmed to compute the accumulation and disbursement of comp points and therefore these transactions can be carried out automatically without manual intervention. Therefore the more the player wagers at the online casino he automatically receives more playing credits.

Many online casinos have developed on this simple program. Some allow quicker accumulation of comp points on games like slots as compared to games like blackjack. This is because slots have a higher house edge and online casinos neutralize this disadvantage by allowing faster comp points accumulation. Many online casinos offer additional benefits to those players who wager more. These are over and above the increased comp point accumulated for wagering more. Some online casinos offer more playing credits for the given comp points to players who achieve specified levels of wagering. Hence the benefits get multiplied for high rollers. Many online casinos link the bonus structure to the number of comp points accumulated. Reload bonuses are offered as a given percentage of the deposit subject to a maximum amount. For those who have wagered more and accumulated more points the casinos increase either the percentage of the bonus or the maximum limit. Either way the player is eligible for increased bonus.

In order to ensure that the increased benefits are given in a transparent manner, the online casinos create different VIP levels. They specify the amount of wagering required to reach the different VIP levels and also the benefits provided in different VIP levels. The software is programmed to determine a player's VIP level and provide him with the stated benefits. Hence players can be assured that they will get what is their due.

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Comment by: Winterton On: February 02, 2010
You gotta take advantage of the loyalty rewards that online casinos are offering because they do get good when you get into the highest levels!
Comment by: Melissa J. On: January 20, 2010
I used to never really care about loyalty rewards bonuses or comp points and that sort of thing but I'm realizing more and more now how much it's worth it to take advantage of these freebies that are offered.
Comment by: Chocolata On: January 17, 2010
I like the fact that casinos do take their operations seriously when they offer competitive and attractive loyalty rewards programs. I'm surprised though when I come across an online casino from time to time that still doesn't offer any sort of loyalty rewards type program which is pretty often as you might find that shocking.
Comment by: pppsims On: January 04, 2010
The idea behind these programs is simple keep your loyalty to a single casino and it's cheaper for the online casino to keep you there and give you some free credits or in this case points that can accumulate and then be converted into credits then it is for them to find new players. They have though done a really good job with these programs though and the multiple levels that you can traverse though!
Comment by: Randy D On: December 22, 2009
Loyalty rewards points and a good system for valuing your play at and online casino or other gambling house online is key to a great expereince in the long run. I've been playing at Bodog for sometime and find that they have a pretty great system in place!
Comment by: Bennet Jones On: December 11, 2009
I love the loyalty rewards schemed that are implemented by online casinos I think that they really do make a difference in keeping people at the casinos. I know that for myself I've narrowed the range of online casinos that I play at to a select few so as to ensure that I'm able to reap the most benefit and reward from each of the casinos that I do play at.
Comment by: James Ballthasar On: September 23, 2009
I personally never used to really care about the loyalty programs that online casinos offer and would completely ignore them. I stopped having this attitude towards them after discovering that they are really beneficial especially if you're a regular player. Most online casinos these days do offer them as well but some loyalty rewards programs are better then others so if you plan on taking advantage and it's a big selling feature for you based on where you're playing my suggestion would be to go and find a good one and do a bit of homework.
Comment by: Sharon Wallace On: August 05, 2009
Online casino loyalty programs have come a long way I think that the rewards and incentives that online casinos are offering these days to their players are far better then what they used to be. Over time I think that they'll only get better. I think that more and more online casinos are recognizing the value in keeping their existing players happy rather then looking for new ones.
Comment by: Bob Hathaway On: July 04, 2009
IMHO loyalty programs at online casinos far surpass that of players club cards and loyalty rewards programs and offerings made available at land based casinos. I'm particularly fond of the loyalty rewards scheme that Golden Casino has implemented and their levels of status. It's very much similar to the system they used to run on Golden Place and the kinds of rewards you'd get from your loyalty and play with them there.

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