Tips for Rebuy Tournaments

Most online tournaments are rebuy tournaments in which players keep on paying the rebuy fee and buying a fresh stack of chips. There is a dilemma that new players face in rebuy tournaments. If they rebuy too few times then they are not giving themselves an adequate chance of winning. If they rebuy too many times then they are spending more than they should without any guarantee of winning. Therefore they are unable to decide what the correct number of rebuys is that they should go for.

There are online tournaments which are designated as freerolls. There is no entry fee charged for the first chip stack given. However even freeroll online tournaments charge players a fee for rebuys. Therefore if a player wants to enter a tournament as a freeroll then he should play once and forget it. He should not rebuy at all. However, if the player is able and willing to pay for the rebuys then he should address the question of the number of rebuys that he is willing to go for before he registers for the tournament. This will prevent him from taking an incorrect decision in the excitement and heat of the situation.

A strategy commonly used is to fix a target score after studying the leader board. This target is such that the player expects to break into the prize pool once he achieves the score. This strategy is not the correct one for two reasons. The leader board scores and positions keep on changing and therefore a target fixed at one point of time may not be valid later. The greater disadvantage of this strategy is that it does not consider the player’s bankroll at all. The capacity of the player to invest in an online tournament should be the most important factor for determining the number of rebuys.

A player should fix the weekly amount for wagering at online casinos based on his income, expenses and need for savings. This bankroll should then be used for both regular wagering on casino games and for online tournaments. How this division is made depends on the player’s relative liking for both types of events. Having arrived at a weekly bankroll for online tournaments the player will have to engage in the trickier task of deciding the number of tournaments and the proposed investment per tournament.

As a thumb rule only, the new player can plan for between 5 and 10 rebuys per tournament. If he is not able to fit even 5 rebuys with his given bankroll then he should go for fewer tournaments or tournaments with smaller rebuys. If he has a very large bankroll or if an online tournament is offering a very large prize then he can look at planning for more than 10 rebuys. However two issues should be held inviolable. The player should not exceed his weekly wagering budget under any circumstances. Before the player registers for an online tournament he should have decided on the maximum rebuys that he will pay for.

There is a case for stopping at less than the maximum number of rebuys planned. If the player feels that he has reached a score that he would be hard pressed to match and that gives him a reasonable chance of breaking into the prize pool he may not rebuy further. The money thus saved can be used on other tournaments where it may be more productive.


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