Evaluating Customer Support

Customer support is one of the vital administrative services provided by online casinos. Players will run into difficulties. It may be a simple issue like a game not functioning or a more serious issue about a bonus being withheld. All these have to be resolved through interaction with the casino and the customer support is the point of contact between player and casino.

Online casinos offer several avenues for contacting customer support and the player has to evaluate which one works best for him. One of the options is through telephones. Most online casinos offer toll free numbers for countries that have sufficiently large number of customers. If the player can use a toll free number then it is great, otherwise he will be paying to talk to customer support over phone. Another drawback of using telephonic customer support is that a verification process is required to confirm the identity of the caller. This is not required in electronic methods that are used from within the casino after logging in. If the issue at hand is a serious one then it is imperative that transcripts or recordings of the communication are preserved. These can become crucial if the matter goes for adjudication. This is very inconvenient for telephonic discussions. The one significant advantage of using telephonic customer support is that the response from the casino is immediate.

The e-mail customer support overcomes some of the disadvantages of the telephonic one. Verification is usually not required if the e-mail is sent from within the online casino. Otherwise the player would be required to provide the account number. Also the player should use only that e-mail address that has been given to the casino. Maintaining records of the communication is also convenient through e-mails because these can be saved. Further there is no cost to the player. The only disadvantage is that the response from the casino is not immediate. Some online casinos ask for up to 24 hours for responding to e-mails. Meanwhile the player has to keep checking his in box for the response. This disadvantage neutralizes all the advantages.

The latest method for accessing customer support is live chat. It combines the advantages of both the telephonic and the e-mail methods. It is free. There is no verification required since the player can access it only when he is logged in. The response is immediate. The record of the communication is there on the casino’s server. However if the issue has the potential to lead to a dispute the player should note the identification number and time of the communication and copy and save the discussion. Though more and more online casinos are offering this mechanism of customer support, not all casinos do so. Players should avoid an online casino that does not offer live chat customer support.


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Comment by: Augustine On: November 08, 2009
I find that the chat systems for communicating with online casino customer support teams will usually work the best provided that there is no hefty delay times in getting to speak with someone on the other end. It's my preferred method of communicating with CS myself.
Comment by: Alice B On: October 30, 2009
CS that's able to resolve issues swiftly and in a kind and courteous manner is I think one of the big things that one should look at when evaluating how good an online casinos customer support team really is! The speed at which they answer support request whether you're calling them, e-mailing them or talking over chat I would have to say if the first and foremost important aspect.
Comment by: partyboy007 On: September 27, 2009
Seeing how quick they can respond and get on the line with you whether it be though chat or via the phone is a key factor IMHO in determining how good customer support at an online casino really is.
Comment by: Stella W. On: September 17, 2009
Make sure the online casino you're playing at offers live chat trust me when I tell you that it's by far the most handy and convenient option for communicating with online casinos!
Comment by: Steve Brando On: August 21, 2009
I only currently use live chat at as my main means of communicating to customer support. I don't mind doing it on the phone but at least with live support I don't need to hold a receiver to my ear and wait for a support person to come on the line. When evaluating customer support I think there are two main things you need to look at response time and how helpful the expereince was. If either of these are off then I don't think that you're really dealing with a casino that has great support.
Comment by: sadie777 On: August 13, 2009
I really like casinos that offer chat directly within the online casino client. I know that many of them are starting to do this which is definitely making it easier for players to access a customer support rep.
Comment by: Judith L. On: August 07, 2009
Agreed if the customer service rep you're speaking to isn't well trained on the software platform they're trying to service you in then it's more of a headache then it's worth typically talking to them and trying to resolve issues. I think that in terms of which method of contact you pick to use to get in touch with customer support should be based on how long you're willing to wait. Chat is often the best to get though to them and the quickest way to resolve any issues or to have questions answered that you may have!
Comment by: Dilan On: July 24, 2009
Good customer support starts with well trained staff. Response times really depend on how quickly they can address and resolve issues with others before they get to you in the queue. So when you call if you find it takes a long time to get through to support either they have a difficult issue their dealing or they're just not overly qualified as customer support reps.
Comment by: Jordan On: July 10, 2009
Testing customer support is rather easy just give them a call, send them an e-mail or access their live customer support via chat if they offer it and if you find that the casino is able to adequately accommodate you then you should be ok with their customer support when you really need it. Also it's good to try testing them on odd hours in your timezone as that's when I find that I need customer support the most is at night or early in the morning when I'm playing!
Comment by: Smitty On: May 05, 2009
As a rule of thumb in general I only pick from and choose to play at online casinos that offer all the main support options including e-mail, phone, and chat. I personally prefer either e-mail or chat vs. the phone option.
Comment by: Brandon Tenner On: April 15, 2009
Personally I prefer and favor live chat type customer support which is often times available from directly within the casino software or on the website. I find that if there are operators there on the other end that any query that I have can usually be dealt with immediately. Moreover though I think that I just prefer it cause I like the immediate attention vs. waiting on the phone or for a reply to an e-mail.

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