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Craps like most casino games favors the house. There is no way around the houses edge, but you could try a few things. The first thing in any game is having common sense. So articles that tell you that throwing the dice a certain way will get you better winnings are usually full of it. They are just trying to give you a tip to get you to read their data. It doesn't matter how you throw the dice; there is no way to predict how those dice are going to land. Having said that there are a few things, which may help you win though.

  1. You need to know that game craps before you ever walk up to a table. In other words read about the rules, the history, and the table. This will help you understand the game better. It will also help you to know the bets.

  2. There are several options you have for the bets. If you don't understand these you will be lost and losing your money rather quickly. The bets differ from come, don't come, pass, don't pass, and odds. There are others as well. However, the ones listed here are going to give you a better chance at winning the game. They offer better odds because of the numbers you need to win.

  3. The pass bet has a house edge of 1.4 percent which is the lowest you will find at this table. The same odds will be found on the other bets we mentioned.

  4. The odds bet allows you to get double your winnings, usually when you place the bet in a casino craps game. It is worth the bet.

  5. Also remember that you are not always going to be the shooter. In this game it is the bets. We can't stress that enough, because if you rely on how you throw the dice you may never get that chance depending on where you are playing. If someone is on a hot streak and continues to make point then you are waiting. Most everyone gets a chance, but when you have 20 people at the table and you are the last to join, you could end up waiting a long time.

  6. You don't have to be the shooter either. You can just bet to win. By betting on the shooter to roll certain outcomes you gain the winnings without the added pressure.

  7. Knowing how many ways a number total can come up will help you in the craps game. For example there are two ways to get the number four on the dice. You can have two 2's, a three and one. To get the number five you can have a four and one, three and two. For the most part you will find that every number you can get has only a few possibilities, but that could give you an edge when one number has three ways instead of two for the combination.


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Comment by: Betty Benneton On: December 29, 2009
Too bad there wasn't a game or a way within a game like craps where you could apply loaded dice... I know it's silly and would never work based on how casino software works but none the less would be really cool to see and have this kind of feature available.

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