Options in Microgaming Online Casino Craps

Microgaming is known for providing customization options in its online casino games. Microgaming Craps also has these features. Some aspects of these features are useful, whereas others are not. It is essential to understand how to use these features to best effect.

The Craps options have two settings. One is Sound Settings and the other is Bet Settings. Sound Settings provide the player with four options. These options are game sounds, win sounds, background sounds and advanced sounds. Microgaming Craps allows players to enable or disable each of these four options individually. New players should play with some of these options enabled because it adds to live casino experience, which is enjoyable. The game sounds simulate the shaking and rolling of the dice. The advanced sounds are the commentary on the game situation and the outcome of the roll. For example if an easy six is rolled in the come out roll then the announcement says "Easy six. The point is six." Before the next roll the announcement will be "Rolling for the six." Then the actual numbers are announced. Rolls of four, six, eight and ten are prefaced with "hard" or "easy" depending on whether they are doubles or not. Outcomes of three and twelve are preceded by "craps" because they are a part of the craps bet.

The other two sound options are not that exciting. The win sounds option is more suited to online slot games and in Microgaming Craps it is hardly discernible if this sound is enabled or disabled. The background sounds contain light music and sound of general chatter to simulate the background noise around the craps table. The problem is that these two sounds appear incongruent but come as a package deal and cannot be individually addressed. Players who do not want any sounds at all can enable the "Switch off all sounds" option.

The Bet Settings in Microgaming Craps need a preliminary explanation. Take the example of a player betting on Hardways Eight in a roll when the point is established as a six. Then a six is rolled signifying the end of the round, but the Hardways Eight bet still stands because it has been neither won nor lost. The new round is started with a come out roll. Conventionally many bets, including the Hardways, bets are turned "off" during a come out roll. In Microgaming Craps a marker labeled "OFF" is placed next to the bets. In the case of the Hardways Eight bet under discussion the marker will be placed next to the Hardways Eight cell. Then the outcome of the come out roll will have no effect on the Hardways Eight bet. Even if the come out roll is a seven or an easy eight the Hardways Eight bet will not lose and even if the come out roll is a hardways eight the bet will not win. After the come out roll the marker will be removed and the craps game will proceed as usual.

Microgaming Craps provides players with an option to keep certain bets on during come out rolls if they want to. These bets are Place, Buy, Hardways, Come and Big 6 and Big 8. If players check the box next to these bets in the Options box, then Microgaming Craps will not place the "OFF" marker next to these bets during the come out roll and these bets will win or lose as usual. The advantage in Microgaming Craps is that these bets can be addressed individually. If the player wants to keep the Hardways bets on but the other bets off he will be able to do so.


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