Configuring Cryptologic Online Craps

Essentially there is little difference in the craps games offered by different online gaming software providers. The payouts for some of the bets may not be the same and the betting limits could vary. However, each online software provider allows for the craps game to be configured in a unique manner. In order to get the maximum enjoyment while playing online craps players need to understand how to use the options to their advantage. This article provides some tips on configuring Cryptologic online craps.

A unique option that Cryptologic online craps offers is the opportunity for the player to be the shooter. In land casino craps games players take turns at being the shooter and Cryptologic craps aims to replicate this aspect of the game. Players who enable this option will see a long view of the complete craps table in half the screen. They have to click the dice, which will then roll across the table, bounce off the opposite wall and come to rest revealing the numbers. The inset will then disappear and the normal view will be shown. This animation is exciting in the beginning and players wagering on craps for the first time should enable it. But the novelty soon wears off and this option slows down the speed of play. Therefore after a few rolls players should disable this option. Being the shooter offers absolutely no advantage as far as chances of winning are concerned. Players who want the game to run even faster can disable even the normal animation of the dice. They should click Settings and in the box that opens they should disable Play Animation. This will eliminate the rolling of the dice, which will instantly display the new face values each time the Roll button is clicked.

The next issue is not really a configuration tip but is one that is important in Cryptologic online craps. Some of the bets like Pass Line, Come and Field have a minimum limit of 5 credits. These are the most played bets. If players wager a smaller amount, the bet is automatically changed to 5 credits and a text message appears in the text box provided. The lesson is that players must read the messages that appear in the text box. They will not be inadvertently wagering more than they want to. If they cannot afford minimum bets of 5 credits they should look for craps from some other software provider. They should not migrate to bets that have lower affordable minimum limits, because those bets are sucker bets. The text box also explains how bets have been settled and this is a handy feature for new players wagering multiple bets.

New players should play with Play Voices enabled. The text message explains how bets have been settled but not what happens in between. With Play Voices enabled players can listen to the dealer’s voice announcing which number is rolled, which number has been established as a point and how the bet has been settled. All this can be understood through the graphical display as well but the audio explanations are easier for new players to understand. Another audio option that can be configured in Cryptologic craps is Play Sound Effects. This simulates the sound of the dice rolling across the table. It does not have any adverse effects and there is no harm in leaving this option enabled.

Cryptologic craps can be played at online casinos like InterCasino and VIP Casino.


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