Using Public Computers for Online Casino Gambling is Unsafe

As an online player you need to enter your log in name and password to access your online casino account. Any person who has access to this information can operate your account. This means that they can wager the funds in your account and even withdraw the funds from your account. All online casinos take security precautions so that the private information of the players stored on their servers is not compromised. However often players negate this good work by playing at online casinos from un-trusted sources.

An un-trusted source is any computer that is not within your control round the clock so that other users have the possibility to download programs or utilities on the computer. The most glaring example of an un-trusted source is a computer at an Internet café. Unfortunately online players frequently use Internet cafes. Other examples are computers that are shared by others users at educational institutions, libraries and work places. If you allow your home computer to be used indiscriminately by others, it too could become an un-trusted source.

As an online player you need to understand what can happen by playing from un-trusted computers. Even if you use HTTPS and secure servers the sensitive information you key in, like log in name and password, can be tracked by others using spyware or backdoors. Spyware is usually installed surreptitiously in order to track the surfing habits of users so as to learn which sites are popular. However spyware can also collect personal information like passwords and the author of the spyware can misuse this information by transacting on your behalf. A backdoor is a connection to the computer network to which all activity performed on the computers in the network is transmitted. Both spyware and backdoor are known as keyloggers because they track every key pressed by the user. Keyloggers are trained to identify and circumvent security systems. What happens when you key in your password is that it goes in encrypted form to the online casino’s server but can go as plain text to the keylogger via the spyware or backdoor.

Often keyloggers are not installed with malicious intent. They may be installed to check the instances of hate mail for example. However when your money is on the line it is better to be safe than sorry. There is only one rule that you should follow. Never access an online casino from a computer that you do not have total control over. Even in your own computer it is advisable to install a quality virus scanner like those made by Avast, AVG, McAfee, or Norton. Some online casinos may have spyware installed in their software though this not usually the case. Hence it is worth installing programs like spybot that search for and destroy spyware.


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Comment by: Kelly Smith On: December 21, 2009
Yeah I can only imagine the types of issues that could arise from using a public computer to play casino games at or access any sort of financial application. Seems like it would be a recipe for potential identity theft.
Comment by: Stephen P. On: November 14, 2009
I'm definitely with you guys on this one and would never do anything so silly as to try accessing any financial application via a public computer that's just asking for it as you guys have mentioned!
Comment by: Bob Caiden On: October 17, 2009
I'd never use public internet to access an online casino I think this is just asking for trouble and am in agreement with all you guys on this!
Comment by: charlie62 On: September 01, 2009
Lol I'm sure that people do, do this but I think it's a recipe for disaster. I would never do it myself. What you're talking about Andrew sounds pretty interesting actually. I'm going to look at getting myself one of those not because I want to use it to play at online casinos on public computers but for even checking e-mails while on public computers this thing sounds pretty ideal.
Comment by: Andrew K. On: August 22, 2009
I would never not in a million years open log into anything of significance from any public computer. There's just too much risk involved that it's not worth it. I think the only way to do this in a secure way would be to use an independent browser that you'd plug in. I for example have an IronKey which is a secure USB stick that has it's own instance of FireFox installed on it... This I would consider using for accessing some secure information when using a public computer but for anything else forget about it!
Comment by: Brady On: August 07, 2009
Agreed... not just in the realm of online casino gaming but any other financial activities that you perform should be done only and I mean only from trusted sources. I would go so far as to say that the only place that I feel comfortable playing online casinos, banking, managing my insurance, etc... is from my own personal computer from home where I know I have it locked down with the best anti-virus, anit-root kit and anti-spyware software available out there.
Comment by: Charlie K. On: July 15, 2009
I've heard of nightmares where people have done this, played at public computers and their accounts have been compromised. I would avoid doing this at all cost and save playing for when you're at a trusted source like your home or office and use a computer you know most likely hasn't been compromised.

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