Using Options Effectively in Microgaming Slots

Players like to customize the playing environment in different manners. Therefore online gaming software providers include a number of options for players to choose from. Microgaming provides some important options in its slot games. This article discussed how to use these options to maximum advantage.

The first option is in Game Settings. Microgaming allows its players to enable the QuickSpin option. Normally the reels in slot games take some time before coming to a stop. This adds to the suspense and gives players time to assess which symbols are needed on the last few reels in order to get winning combinations. If players enjoy this then they should not enable the QuickSpin option. However there would be players who do not enjoy the suspense. Also there would be players who are pressed for time and would like to play maximum spins in the time they have. Such players will benefit immensely by enabling the QuickSpin option. In the slot games of some online gaming software providers the quick spin option stops the reels instantly. The reels do not spin at all, only the symbols change. However, the QuickSpin feature in Microgaming allows the reels to spin but stops them quicker than usual.

The sound options in Microgaming slot games are interesting. There are three independent options. One of these is the game sounds. Essentially it is the sound of whirring as the reels spin. It is not a very prominent sound and it does not matter much whether this is enabled or disabled. The next option is the win sound. This a short sound played to denote that the player has a winning combination. There are video alerts as well to indicate winning combinations and therefore this sound is again not that important. The main sound option is the background sound. This is the music played in the background while the game is in progress. Mostly a standard tune is used. However in slot games with certain themes the background music is organized to be in consonance with the theme. It may be martial music with military themed slots or rock music with music themed slots. But it is these slots that make it worthwhile to play Microgaming online casino slots with the audio on. The general advice is to keep the default options of all sounds enabled, unless the player wants to play while listening to his own favorite music. In that case he should enable "switch off all sounds" and put on his own music.

The final option in Microgaming online slots is whether to display the player's balance as coins or credits. The balance as coins is the balance as credits divided by the coin size chosen. It gives the number of coins that the player can wager of the chosen coin size. The balance as credits is the amount that the player can wager. Which one to use is a personal choice. If the player frequently changes coin sizes then it makes sense to keep the balance in credits because then the base remains the same. If a player opting for the balance in coins, changes the coin size from 0.01 to 0.02 then his balance will halve without his placing any wager. This may lead to confusion.


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Comment by: Blinky Roast On: November 16, 2009
I generally select the quickspin option when playing at Microgaming casinos and their slots games. I like playing more games in a shorter period of time. I also like the fact that their casino software is more feature rich then most other online casino software platforms out there. I'm really quite impressed and always have been with Microgaming software solutions.
Comment by: Alice B On: October 31, 2009
I think that to some extent some of the options that you'll find in Microgaming casinos are a bit excessive but most of them do make sense which is obviously good to have in place. I like the fact that you can change languages within their online casino software client and more importantly I really like their auto-play features that are available for more then just slots games which is different from most other providers that only offer auto-play in slots games.
Comment by: Frank Pulson On: October 09, 2009
Options available within Microgaming are fairly straight forward to understand. If you just play around a bit (and don't worry you won't mess anything up) you'll get a firm understanding of how exactly everything works within their software. I think this same trial and error process should be used when learning any new software package out there.
Comment by: Amber On: September 25, 2009
The quick spin feature in Microgaming slots games is an interesting one because I don't think that it actually works all that well. The quick spin mode when selected in their options menu doesn't actually speed up the pace of the games all that much.

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