Understanding Playtech Baccarat

Online baccarat offered by Playtech does not have the elegant ambience that a player normally associates with the game. In fact the table and the display are simple to the point of being unattractive. Yet Playtech baccarat offers certain advantages that make it worth playing.

Playtech baccarat offers wider betting limits. Low rollers will be more benefited because in the main Player and Banker bets they can wager as low as $0.01 and then in increments of $0.01. However the commission of 5% on the banker bet is rounded off to the nearest $0.01 in the casino’s favour in the smaller wagers where exact calculation is not possible. Hence the very low wagers should be avoided. A good thumb rule for beginners is to wager at least $1.00. The maximum bet limit for the Banker and Player bets is $300. The side bets including the Tie Bet have a bet range from $1 to $5. The advantage in the side bets is that if a player wagers less than the minimum amount his wager is not automatically enhanced. A text message informs the player of the situation and then it is up to the player to enhance the bet or withdraw it altogether.

Playtech baccarat is a fast paced no frills game. The cards are dealt directly face up. The simulation of land casino conditions of the cards being first dealt face down and then flipped over are absent. This may at first appear to be a drawback. Most new players are drawn to baccarat because of the elaborate procedures the game follows. However in an online setting where players are wagering alone these additional moves soon become tiresome.

Baccarat experts advise against wagering on the Tie Bet because it has a very high house edge. However, if a player does want to wager on the Tie Bet Playtech baccarat is preferable. Playtech Baccarat offers a payout of 9 to 1 on the Tie Bet, whereas most other online gaming software providers offer a payout of only 8 to 1 on the Tie Bet in their baccarat games. Therefore in Playtech baccarat the house edge on the Tie Bet is considerably lower than in other baccarat games.

Playtech baccarat offers a number of side bets that are not offered in baccarat from other software providers. These add interest to the wagering. Most of the side bets are based on a pair being dealt up front. Playtech offers many different bets of this sort. The Player Pair and the Banker Pair win if the first two cards dealt to the Player or Banker respectively forms a pair. These pay out at 11 to 1. There is an Either Pair bet that wins if either the Player or the Banker is dealt a pair. This pays out at 5 to 1. The Perfect Pair bet pays out if either the Player or the Banker is dealt a pair of the same suit. This pays out at 25 to 1.

The unique side bets in Playtech baccarat are the Big and Small bets. These are more interesting. In baccarat the Player and the Banker may have to draw a third card. Therefore the total cards dealt could be four, five or six. The Small Bet wins if only four cards are dealt and pays at 1.5 to 1. The big Bet wins if five or six cards are dealt and pays at 0.54 to 1.


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Comment by: Edna222 On: June 28, 2010
Never played Playtech baccarat but I didn't imagine that it would be all that different from all the other baccarat variations that are out there to be honest.

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