Comparing Baccarat across Software

Baccarat is an extremely popular land casino game, which has been immortalized by the earlier James Bond movies. All online gaming software providers offer at least one variant of baccarat in their portfolio. This article offers some pointers on how to compare the games offered by the different software providers. In order to make comparisons meaningful all the variants chosen are played with 8 decks and they adjust the commission on the banker bet exactly so that there is no loss in rounding off the payout.

The Cryptologic variant is called Mini Baccarat SP. The minimum wager that has to be placed is $2. If players place a wager of $1 it will automatically be adjusted to the minimum wager and this is a disadvantage. The game is played at a standard speed with animated card dealing. The Tie Bet offers a payout of 8 to 1. The game history is effectively portrayed in a view box called Scorecard. This box plays the sequence of the bet outcomes at the top and provides a cumulative tally of the number of hands played, the number of times the Banker has won, the number of times the Player has won and the number of hands that have resulted in a tie. Cryptologic also offers a multiplayer variant of baccarat.

Vegas Technology online casinos offer just one variant of baccarat. The minimum wager is $5, which may keep some low rollers away. The lowest chip size on display is $5 and therefore players cannot unintentionally wager a lower amount than the minimum. The advantage of the Vegas Technology game is that the animation can be turned off and all cards dealt immediately. This increases the game speed substantially. The Tie Bet pays out at 8 to 1. The History view box displays the outcome of each hand in sequence, but does not cumulate the results.

The online gaming software provider Rival Gaming also offers only one variant of baccarat. The minimum wager is $10 which is definitely steep for low rollers and new players. If players unintentionally wager lower amounts the software does not accept the bet and the player is advised to increase the wagered amount. The bet is not automatically adjusted to the minimum wager and this is an advantage. Two different game speeds are offered and both have animated dealing of cards. The Tie Bet pays out at 9 to 1. At first this may appear as an advantage to the player. However experienced baccarat players know that the Tie Bet is a sucker bet with a very high house edge and avoid this bet even at the higher payout. New players should not get enticed by this higher payout to wager on the Tie Bet. One of the biggest disadvantages of Rival Gaming baccarat is that it does not offer any game outcome history.

Microgaming offers two variants of baccarat. High Limit Baccarat is being considered because it is played with eight decks. The minimum wager is $1, which is a great advantage. $1 is also the lowest chip size and therefore players cannot inadvertently wager lower amounts. Players can select from four games speeds, all with animated dealing. The Tie Bet has a payout of 8 to 1. The history view box displays not only the outcome of the hand but also the score. Unfortunately tie bets are displayed in the Banker column and have to be ascertained as tie bets from the score. The other baccarat game from Microgaming is played with only one deck and has a minimum wager of $10 and is therefore disadvantageous on both these counts.

Players can choose the baccarat game of the software provider that offers features most suitable to their style of wagering. Different players give greater weight to different parameters and will therefore make different choices.


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Comment by: mgslotsfan On: February 20, 2010
I think that Baccarat delivered as a high limit game is essential for online casinos to offer. I'm really glad that MGS is offering it!

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