Responsible Gambling And Betting Limits

Those who continue to gamble even after they realize that they are likely to become problem gamblers are foolish. Those who start taking precautionary steps after they realize that they are likely to become problem gamblers are neither wise nor foolish. Those who take precautionary steps before they start gambling are wise.

The first step that any prospective online gambler should take is to decide how much he can afford to wager. He should assess his income; set aside what he needs to maintain his family; set aside what he needs to save for his future or for emergencies and use only a portion of the balance. Typically the amount that he wagers in a week should be the amount he would spend on a splurge during weekends. The strategy is clear. If he wins during the week he goes on the weekend splurge and if he loses then he forgoes the splurge. That way he will never enter the realm of problem gambling.

Once he assesses how much he can afford to wager the player should set up daily and weekly betting limits. Under no circumstances should he exceed these limits. If the player feels that he is not mentally strong enough to adhere to the limits then the online casino can come to his aid. Because of responsible gambling requirements online casino software has the provision to prevent the players from wagering more than the allowed limit. They can feed the given limit into the software and it will not accept bets from players who have exceeded the limit. Before such a player starts to wager he should contact customer support over phone or e-mail and instruct them to feed the limits he as set. Even if the player feels he can impose the restraint on himself, there is nothing lost in asking the online casino to impose the limit.

Suppose the player has not asked the online casino to set limits and he exceeds the betting limits he has set for himself. What should he do under these circumstances? Again online casinos provide relief. Responsible gambling requires online casinos to a self exclusion policy. The players can opt for either a minimum seven day cooling off period or a minimum six month self-exclusion period depending on the severity of their problem. The player should immediately contact the online casino and tell them which exclusion option he wants to exercise. The online casino will lock his account for the duration chosen by him and will not send him promotional material during that period.


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Comment by: egghead On: December 10, 2009
Setting betting limits is key to ensuring that you maintain a healthy spending habit when playing either online or offline at land based casinos. I think that players who don't do this will find they get into trouble more often then not!
Comment by: Smitty On: October 08, 2009
Definitely personal limits directly within the casino software that don't let you play more then a certain amount would be great or a system that would allow you to manage all your deposit limits from one location on your computer for all the casinos that you play at would be a huge benefit I think to players that do have gambling problems.
Comment by: charlie62 On: September 30, 2009
It would be nice if online casinos had a better way to set your own personal limits while playing at an online casino. I suppose they don't really want to do this though as they feed of players that have addictions to gambling and they benefit the most from these kinds of players so thus it wouldn't be wise. Anyways that's just my though on it.
Comment by: Hurley Jeminach On: September 18, 2009
Establishing a good set of protocol that you adhere to is a sign of a player that knows what they're doing. Too bad for many of us though out there who engage in playing at online casinos we don't have the will power to stop sometimes!
Comment by: Elizabeth On: August 12, 2009
This fact mentioned by you I find to be the most dangerous CasinoWizard. I think that having the ability to play using your credit card at online casinos is very convenient but needs to be kept in check with limits that you set and adhere to yourself.
Comment by: casinowizard On: July 17, 2009
When playing online it's especailly easy to get carried away and most of all because of the fact that when you're playing with a credit card and money that's essentially not yours it's easy to get carried away. I find that it's good to only have one credit card that you use to play online and you try to stay within a range where you never exceed your credit cards limit. If you have multiple cards and you're in fear of playing them and maxing them out because you've already maxed out another card I suggest that you cancel those cards. There's not much need to have more then one credit card anyway unless you're already carrying debt and if you are you probably shouldn't be playing online to begin with.
Comment by: Danny Spicer On: July 04, 2009
Always stay within your limits and try to never exceed personal limits that you set for yourself in terms of how much you want to play with. We've all gotten caught up in the action and also in chasing our losses in the past. It's wisest to learn from expereince and not get put into the same positions that you yourself have either been in or you know so many others have been in or are in. Avoid excessive gambling and know your limits!

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