Read Through Online Casino Agreements

Your wagering at an online casino is subject to a contract between you and the casino. The casino spells out the terms of this contract in a number of agreements. Some of the agreements have to be explicitly accepted by you and your consent to others is implied. Any dispute arising later between you and the casino will be resolved on the basis of what is stipulated in these agreements. Hence it is in your interest that you read, understand and adhere to these agreements.

The first agreement is the End User License Agreement (EULA). You would be required to accept this agreement. If you do not do so then the software will not install. This agreement says that you as a player are only allowed to use the software for wagering at the online casino. You do not own the software. Therefore you are neither allowed to tamper with the software nor allowed to rent it to others. You also indemnify the casino and the software provider of any consequential liability. For example if you borrow money and lose it while wagering you cannot hold the casino liable for paying off your debt. Please read and understand the agreement before you accept it.

The second agreement is the set of general terms and conditions. It is implied that you have accepted these once you start wagering. These terms essentially define who is allowed to wager at the casino. Two conditions are important. One is that the jurisdiction of the player’s residence should hold online gambling as legal. The second is that as per the laws of his place of residence he must have reached the legal age for gambling. The online casino clearly puts the responsibility on the player for determining if he is legally allowed to gamble. Another important aspect of this agreement is that you are confirming that the funds you deposit have not been obtained illegally. If you do not fulfill these conditions then please do not deposit funds at the casino. The agreement allows the casino to ask for required proof and if the casino finds that you are in default then you stand to lose your funds.

The bonus terms and conditions are the most important and it is crucial that you completely understand these before you start wagering. Most of the disputes between players and casinos stem from these conditions. The core issue is the wagering requirements. What are the wagering requirements, whether the amount includes the deposit or only the bonus, on which game are the requirements to be met and can the bonuses be ultimately withdrawn are spelled out in these conditions. Players from some countries have enhanced wagering requirements and you should be alert to this. Many casinos consider an attempt at withdrawal without meeting wagering requirements as an instance of fraud and withhold payments and debar the player.

These agreements are subject to change and your consent to the changes is implied. Therefore periodically check out these agreements to see if anything new has been added.


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Comment by: Smitty On: December 12, 2009
The biggest mistake that players can make and I have to agree with you all is not reading the agreements as set forth by the online casinos they're playing at!
Comment by: Raymond S. On: August 27, 2009
I'm not by any means a savvy online gambler but if there's one thing I've noticed and found it's that reading these terms and conditions at online casinos is definitely worth taking the time and doing. You are trusting them with your money so it's best to know all the ins and outs.
Comment by: Lilly Benson On: August 11, 2009
Before signing up for anything whether it being creating a new bank account or whatever you'll always read though the agreements and terms set out by the bank right? If no you most definitely should be! The same thing applies when creating an account with an online casino and or taking advantage of one of the bonuses they offer. I think that by doing so you'll eliminate a lot of the risk of not knowing one thing or another.
Comment by: Sharon Wallace On: August 05, 2009
Also the other thing that should be mentioned that I don't see mention here is that from time to time you should definitely check back with the online casinos that you play at and re-read the terms and conditions, policies, etc... that they present on their site as this information does change from time to time. Most of the times changes are made they're not in the favor of players and the terms stipulated by online casinos like most other legal disclaimers mention that their terms can change at any time and that they're not obligated to contact you but rather that you should be the one to check back from time to time.
Comment by: Angie Kent On: July 25, 2009
Do it make sure you do cause if you don't then there's definitely a chance that you'll be in the wrong when trying to argue something with customer support. Knowing the facts before you play is key and will save you a lot of grief later on.
Comment by: Sil Mondo On: July 15, 2009
I know that some of the first mistakes I made as a new player at online casinos was to not fully read and understand the agreements put in place by casinos. Although some of these agreements can be rather lengthy it's still a good idea to fully read them over and understand what they're saying and how things work. Play the most careful attention to any agreements that are related to to bonuses.
Comment by: Jane Parker On: January 21, 2009
For all the newbies out there you'd be surprised at how much you actually get out of reading these things. Not so much the EULA which is more relevant to aspects pertaining to the software but with the actual terms and conditions both general ones, bonus terms, etc... just a little advice.

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