Problems in Downloading Software

One of the first difficulties a new online casino player may experience is in downloading software. If the player is aware of the pitfalls and how to solve them it will make the process smoother for him.

Almost all online casinos list the requirements that the player’s computer system should possess. These include the memory, monitor resolution, Internet connection speed, operating system and others. Online casinos usually list two sets of specifications. One is the minimum required and the other is the recommended specification. If your system does not possess the minimum specification then it is pointless trying to download the casino because you will definitely run into problems. If you possess just the minimum specification then you probably will be able to download the software but may have problems in running or installing it. For example if your Internet connection speed is the minimum, then the download times will be long. Another aspect that you must check is the free space on your hard disc. While playing, the software needs temporary storage and if this is not available in required measure then the operations may freeze.

If the software does not install or run properly the best thing to do is to uninstall it and try again. Some online casino software allows quick uninstalls directly from the start menu within the casino folder where there is an uninstall application. If this is there then use it. Otherwise use the uninstall software application in your operating system. Do not delete the software because that leaves files in the system. This not only adds to the junk but also may cause problems when you download the software again. Most online casinos give instructions on how to download and install the software. Though in the normal course the process is menu driven and you can complete it by simply following the instructions as they appear, in case you have experienced a problem you should check out these instructions. Also if the casino offers a choice you can try downloading a minimum set of games rather than the full software. Most online casinos also have a FAQs section that discusses some of the problems player may face while downloading and playing. You can check this out and see if the problem you are facing is discussed.

If the problem is still unresolved the next stage is to contact customer support. The best way to do so is through live chat because it provides solutions instantly. You may be required to give verification details at the time of starting the live chat so you should keep them ready. Do not divulge your password, however.

If in the unlikely event the problem is still not resolved then you have two options. One is to use the no download version of the software or finally to move on to another online casino.


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Comment by: Kevin Jones On: December 21, 2009
I agree I think that download problems in online casino software really don't exist any more and if they do they really shouldn't as most of the companies out there who are making software for online casinos are pretty much long time players who have been around for long enough that they really shouldn't have any issues or problems with their software.
Comment by: Sil Mondo On: December 16, 2009
I've downloaded online casinos powered by software by virtually all the online casino software providers out there and haven't really had any problems. I suppose if you have a PC with all the minimum system requirements and flash which is often times a required plug in to have available that you shouldn't run into any issues any more. These software providers that are the dominant online casino software providers have been in business for long enough that there really shouldn't be any issues.
Comment by: Phil Rudd On: October 20, 2009
There have been some problems that I've experienced in downloading and installing online casino software but I too find that when uninstalling it and also if you delete the directory completely of where it's located it seems to all work out in the end after you try re-installing the software.
Comment by: Pauline On: October 12, 2009
People still have problems out there downloading and installing software? Wow that's a surprise to me I figured that casinos would have these issues sorted out and more adaptive type systems that would ensure that everyone is able to download and install online casino software properly.
Comment by: Lilly Benson On: October 05, 2009
I had problems with a few casinos due to UAC a while back but sorted though that and then still had a few issues with others. I find that uninstalling and then re-installing the software does tend to work pretty well.
Comment by: Particia T. On: September 17, 2009
There's a great set of new articles that they've been adding here that helps players understand the process of downloading. I know that's not really what this article is about. When it comes to dealing with these issues I have to agree with what everyone is saying in that the best option and solution is really just to try re-installing. If that doesn't work you really don't have a choice but to contact the casino themselves.
Comment by: Karl Benton On: August 31, 2009
I think that we've all experienced problems in downloading software and more importantly with the install or even sometimes launching the software on our PC's once the software is installed. I think that if you try again you may have luck it's always seemed to have worked for me.
Comment by: Angie Kent On: August 13, 2009
Agreed in general if you uninstall and then reinstall things tend to work themselves out. I think that trying this before contacting customer support may be the best option. Other problems do arise with perhaps issues on the casinos end with their servers, maintenance that's being done, etc...
Comment by: Channy On: July 27, 2009
I've always find that if I try uninstalling software and re-installing it that things generally tend to sort themselves out. If you find that you're experiencing these kinds of problems that you may want to do the same thing as it could very well sort out the issues.
Comment by: T. Bugatto On: July 18, 2009
I found that I get some UAC problems and permissioning issues when downloading and installing online casino software on my computer that runs Vista. If you turn off UAC it seems to do the trick and the casinos you install will generally run without any problems.

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