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Originally online casino software was written in English. But as online gaming proliferated across the world many players got involved for whom English was not their native language. These included players from mainland Europe, Latin America and East Asia. These players were not very comfortable gambling at online casinos that operated in English. One reason could be the incomplete understanding of the terms and conditions because of the foreign language. As players from non-English speaking countries increased online gambling software providers began to introduce software in other languages. This enabled the online gaming software providers to extend their customer base. Today gaming software is available in almost every European language and also in Asian languages like Japanese and Chinese. The common European languages include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Polish and the Scandinavian languages. Usually the languages are represented by the flag of the country.

Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic are the leading online gambling software providers today. Microgaming was the pioneer in multi-language online casinos. It came out with a fully localized multi language online casino in 2001. Cryptologic followed suit with its version of the multi language casino in 2002.

Microgaming Multi Lingual Selecting:

  • Select the "Options" button from the main lobby of the casino.
  • Select the "Language" you wish to change the software client to be in by default.

  • Wait for the language packages to download and install on your computer.

  • Wait for the software client to restart and then you're ready to play in your native tongue.

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At Playtech powered online casinos players have to select the language from those offered before they download the software. The software is downloaded in the selected language. If the player wants to play in another language offered by the online casino he has to repeat the process by selecting the other language. Hence in the case of Playtech players have to download entire independent software in different languages. Not only is this a cumbersome process that takes a lot of time every time it is repeated, but also eats up the hard disc storage space.

Playtech Multi Lingual Selecting:

  • After downloading the mini-installer from any Playtech casino provided that they have multi-lingual support (which most do at this point), you'll simply need to select the language you want the software to download and install that you can then play on.

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Cryptologic has what we think to be the worst system of them all when it comes to making multi-lingual selections and changing between languages. As seen in our example from below in the screen shot taken from InterCasino what you need to do is first navigate to the specific language you want to play in using the flags on "". When you're taken to the individual language landing page from there you'll be able to download the online casino software in the language you've selected to play in.

Cryptologic Multi Lingual Selecting:

  • Navigate using the flags as seen above to the appropriate language landing page.
  • Download, install and play the software in the language you have selected.

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In the case of the Viper software from Microgaming the situation is slightly different. In the first instance the player chooses from the languages offered by the online casino before downloading and downloads the software in that language. However the player can later switch languages without having to download the complete software in the new language. It is almost like switching games. The player simply selects the new language. Some amount of download is required, but that is marginal compared to downloading the entire software. The download is mainly needed for the lobby and the games language packages. Hence the Microgaming system is quicker and more efficient.


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Comment by: Hero On: September 30, 2009
Multi-lingual online casino software has come a long way really since I remember back when they didn't have anything like this really and everything had to be played in English. I guess the emerging markets in other parts of the world have prompted the development of these international versions of casino websites and the software platforms themselves.
Comment by: Bonnie Kay On: September 24, 2009
It's really amazing how elaborate software platforms are. Microgaming does the best job for international players as far as what I've seen from other competitors out there who develop online casino software as well.
Comment by: Gino On: September 12, 2009
Multi-lingual software platforms are quite impressive actually especially that of the one that Microgaming has. I beleive it's the best system out there for switching between different languages. The ability to do it on the fly definitely makes a big difference although the system that Playtech has for managing this isn't too bad either.
Comment by: SlotsFresh On: August 31, 2009
Yeah MGS does have a great way of approaching this I think that because they're a leader and do set a high standard they're always more creative in their approach to implementing features like this.
Comment by: Danny Spicer On: August 08, 2009
Microgaming's method and approach to multi-lingual software development is the best I've ever seen in any industry that deals with producing software for multiple languages. I think that when it comes to software and innovation these guys do things in a way that you can't help but consider them one of the best out there. I play in English myself but if I were to toggle between different languages I'd certainly want to be playing at a Microgaming casino and make use of the convenient approach they've developed into their software.
Comment by: Angie Kent On: July 28, 2009
Great tip... yeah there's no doubt in my mind that Microgaming and Playtech do this the best. I think that Microgaming actually does it better then Playtech. The fact that you can switch between languages right within the software client is a big plus if you ask me. Toggling between languages is great especially if you have 1 computer in the household and a few people who speak different languages.

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