Minimum System Requirements for Online Casino Play
There are many aspects that players need to take into account when choosing an online casino to play at. Most players look at what the casino offers on face value, such as which software provider it is powered by, the number of games on offer, the customer support available, bonuses and promotions, tournaments and graphics. The most critical aspects that players need, before they even start looking at specific casinos, are a computer that is compatible with online gambling software and an Internet connection. If you bought your computer within the last few years, then it is likely that it will already be equipped with the necessary hardware for online gambling.

Even if you have a recently bought computer, it is important to look into the minimum system requirements for the casino software. Every online casino software provider will have basic system requirements that will be necessary in order for players to run their software. The system requirements vary between software providers and it is possible that your computer may support one software provider, but not another one. The differences between the software requirements may be due to the number of games that are offered, the special features that are offered and the quality of the sounds and graphics.

There is also a difference between the minimum system requirements for specific software and the recommended system requirements for specific software. The minimum system requirements will allow you to play at the casino and enjoy all of the benefits of playing there. The recommended system requirements will ensure that you will be able to support any additional games or features that casino software providers tend to introduce from time to time.

All minimum system requirements will be clearly set out in the FAQ section of the casino's website. It is highly recommended for all players to check these requirements carefully to ensure that their computer will support the software before they attempt to download it. Even if you are planning to play at the instant flash (no download) version of the casino, this information is relevant. When playing at a no download casino, you are still required to download each individual game as you play it and so your system will still be required to support this.

Once you have confirmed that your computer will support the software of a specific casino, you can rest assured that it will support any casino that is powered by the same software provider. All online casinos powered by the same software provider, have the same minimum system requirements. If you do not take the time to check this information before you begin to download the casino's software, you may find that your computer will not support it and you will have wasted your time. It is possible that the software will download, but your playing experience will be far inferior due to slow game speeds, poor graphics, unsupported features or the Internet disconnecting regularly. After some time, you may decide that it is not worth your while to continue and choose to move to another casino. All of this can be avoided if you check the minimum system requirements before you begin to download anything.


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Comment by: charlie62 On: September 10, 2009
Always a good idea to have a better computer. I know that when I play PC games that playing on a computer that is better in quality with better components, video cards and more RAM 100% makes the expereince far better. I think that online casinos though in general don't really have the most insane requirements. All you need to play at online casinos from what I've seen from various casinos requirements is just an average computer. I do however thing that there may be noticeable differences if you play on a better computer.
Comment by: Juda On: August 29, 2009
With the price of computers these days having come down so much it's worth investing in a new computer anyway. I'm always getting these ads from Dell about new systems they offer and how they're very well priced. I think that regardless of whether you're playing at online casinos or other forms of online gambling that having a good PC is a good thing to have.
Comment by: Kevin Jones On: August 20, 2009
I too am with you on this. Online casinos are always upgrading and enhancing their software thus the minimum system requirements are always changing. I think it's wise to ensure that you play on a good system or if you're in the market for buying a new computer and intend on playing a lot of casino games then you should definitely opt for a better system.
Comment by: Angie Kent On: August 10, 2009
I've read elsewhere as well as here on Casino Advisor that it's very much recommended that you go above and beyond having and playing on a system that meets the minimum system requirements required by online casinos in order to have a decent gaming expereince. I always have found that if playing on a computer system that is not quite the best that I run into problems and issues especially if I'm multi-tasking. So as a rule of thumb just remember that the minimum system requirements are just what you need to play and a better computer, monitor, sound card, etc... will just enhance your expereince making it better.

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