Make a Balanced Choice of Online Casino Games

A very basic way of looking at online gambling objective is to maximize the expected average returns. However, if this was universally true then there would only be a handful of online casino games that offer close to 100% expected average returns. The wide variety in online casino games indicates there could be many objectives in Internet wagering.

Online casino games, like some variants of blackjack and video poker, which offer almost 100% expected average returns to not offer high payouts. In simpler language this means that if a player starts with a $100 bankroll he is more likely to preserve the bankroll playing these games, but unlikely to end up with an amount in the region of $125 or more. This leads to a second objective of online gaming, which is ending up with significantly more than the initial bankroll. However games that offer this opportunity, like online slot games, have significantly higher house edges, which mean that the likelihood of the larger payouts is less. New players would do well to include both types of games in their list of favorites so that they can balance the two objectives.

Blackjack is an ideal game in the category of those with high expected average returns. Other than the exotic variants, most blackjack variants have an expected average return of over 99.5%. Video poker games also offer similar expected average returns. However, there is a catch. These returns are subjected to optimum play. Hence, if the wrong moves are made the returns could be much lower. However, this should not worry new players. The optimum strategies for video poker and blackjack are standard and available at several websites on the Internet, including CasinoAdvisor. The strategies are easy to understand and easy to follow. Online gambling is such that new players can have print or electronic versions of the strategies at hand while they are wagering and conveniently follow them. Many online gaming software providers have built-in optimum strategies into the software and new players can opt for features that will enable them to play these games without making errors.

There is a greater choice in the games that fall in the higher risk return category. Roulette is a good choice for new players. There are no hassles of making optimal moves and players can get payouts as high as 17 to 1 and 35 to 1 with an expected average return of around 97.5%.Another option is to go for table games with side bets or progressive jackpots. There are quite a few such blackjack games. Perfect Pairs Blackjack offers highest payouts in the range of 30 to 1 and Progressive Blackjack offers even higher payouts. However, for new players the ideal choice in this category is the online slots games. The expected average return would be around 95% but the payouts can range from 100 to 1 to even 10,000 to 1, and this is without the progressive jackpots. Online slots cater to another objective of online gaming as well. Online gaming is based on computer software and has become a major audiovisual medium. Online slots games with their animations and bonus games provide literally explosive audiovisual content. Some of the online slots games are worth playing just to experience this.

New players could start of by wagering 50% of their bankroll in the first category of games that offer high expected average returns and the other 50% of their bankroll in the second category of games that offer high payouts. After being able to ascertain what works best for them they can make suitable adjustments in their portfolio.


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Comment by: Edna222 On: March 07, 2010
Definitely I too agree!
Comment by: Leslie R. On: February 25, 2010
Me too in general I just like to play whatever is available but prefer slots first and foremost. After that I think that I'll dip into playing other casino games and trying out other things in general.
Comment by: Randy D On: February 18, 2010
Play everything and then decide what you like to play the most. I think that this is the best bet for any player whether new or advanced!
Comment by: Winterton On: February 15, 2010
I think it's very important for online casinos to have a very well balanced selection of games for which players can choose from and play. It's key to ensuring that everyone get's an opportunity to play the games that they want to play. Why miss out on having players come and play at your casino if they're not going to be keen simply based on the fact that you don't offer the type of games that they're looking for.

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