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Online casinos frame certain rules and regulations for its players to follow. These are specified in the end-user agreement. Players should not take these rules lightly and should follow them in spirit and letter. Breaking online casino rules can lead to adverse consequences for the player and in the long-term can lead to disadvantages for other players as well.

One of the most important online casino rules is that each player should open only one account with the casino. The rationale behind this rule is that the online casino offers one-time benefits like welcome bonuses to new players. If players keep on opening bogus accounts and keep on availing of this benefit under different names the online casino will be put to loss and will ultimately have to withdraw the benefits. One account is usually defined as one account per family. Therefore an account in the name of the player’s parent or spouse or child who is living in the same house would not qualify as a separate account.

Online casinos have developed systems for keeping track of players’ information. If two players open an account using the same computer it would very often be deemed as a violation of the online casino rules. Online casinos track the customers’ computers’ IP addresses and will not allow a second account to be opened from the same computer. Other information that online casinos similarly track are credit card numbers, personal identification numbers like driving licenses, home addresses and bank account numbers.

Another rule that some players tried to violate is withdrawing bonuses before wagering requirements are met. This is actually futile because online casino software keeps track of the wagering requirements. By trying to withdraw bonuses prematurely a player is bound to get caught and will suffer the consequences which can amount to forfeiture of funds and even expulsion from the casino. Players must be careful that they do not withdraw bonuses before they are due even inadvertently. Online casinos display in various ways whether wagering requirements have been met or not. In case of any doubt the player should contact customer support and get clearance before making an application for withdrawal.

Many online casinos allow players to chat with each other while wagering. This increases the camaraderie between players and creates a healthy online community. Players also interact with customer support through live chat and other means. In all these interactions the online casinos impose a code of conduct that players are expected to follow. Certain behavior that is not tolerated is the use of abusive language and comments that fall in the realm of sexual or racial harassment. Violations of this etiquette are strictly dealt with.

The best online casinos implement the rules very strictly. If the allow violations than the atmosphere at the online casino gets vitiated and the reputation of the online casino suffers. Players who are habitual offenders can easily find themselves being debarred from online casinos where they have not yet wagered because word does get around.

When online casinos find that a large number of players from a particular country are regularly trying to break the online casino rules then they are forced to impose stricter regulations for players from that country. Such players may be debarred from availing of bonuses or may have to meet higher wagering requirements. Therefore the genuine players from that country suffer. Another step that online casinos are sometimes forced to take because of habitual breaking of rules by some players is to reduce the level of bonuses. As a result all players suffer.


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Comment by: bentobox On: February 20, 2010
Definitely key to follow all the rules that online casinos make clear on. If you don't you mind find yourself bitching and complaining but in reality it's your fault because you didn't read the rules.
Comment by: Hurley Jeminach On: February 08, 2010
Always a good idea to follow the rules and be honest in life. I think that's what makes us all such good people ;-)
Comment by: Gino On: January 08, 2010
Yeah it's absolutely wise and advised to do so. It's not the best thing to enter into anything blindly so be sure you know what you're doing!
Comment by: Danny Spicer On: December 02, 2009
Not following the rules that are set and outlined by online casinos can lead to problems with cashing out, claiming winnings in general, etc... I think it's always best to know what you're getting yourself into whether it be buying something online or playing at an online casino.

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