Exiting Incomplete Games With Microgaming


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Casino software is an extremely complex program. With every facility or option offered to the player the program becomes even more complex. Therefore there comes a point when the software developer has to consider whether it is worth complicating the program further in order to provide the benefit. Different online gaming software providers take a different call and that is why some features are present in some casino software but absent in others.

One of the features is allowing players to exit in the middle of the game. Most online gaming software providers to not allow this. Players have to complete the round before exiting. The player is playing blackjack and the cards have been dealt and the player has to decide whether to hit or stand. He cannot leave the game. If the player is playing video poker and he has to decide which cards to hold he cannot leave the game. If the player is in the middle of a bonus round in slots he cannot leave the game. Even if the slots reels or the roulette wheel is spinning the player cannot leave the game. In Playtech online casinos if the player tries to exit from the game in these situations then he gets the following message - "Please wait until the current game round is finished. You will then be able to exit the game." Other online gaming software providers that do not allow players to exit in the middle of games show similar messages.

The problem in allowing players to exit the game is that the game parameters will have to be stored securely by the software and retrieved when the player wants to resume the game. And they will have to do this for thousands of players who would want to avail of this facility. This means more complications in the software and these gaming software providers simply feel that it is more convenient to let players finish the game.

But players may want to leave in between. Maybe they are bored or they feel unlucky at the moment. Perhaps they want to try another game before coming back to complete the active one. Maybe there is an emergency and they have to leave in a hurry. Microgaming is one of the only software providers that allow players to exit in between active games. Even if the player has to decide whether to stand or hit in blackjack, he can exit from the game. He can play a few slots rounds or even exit from the casino. When after a few hours he activates the casino again and resumes the blackjack game he will find the cards exactly as he left them.


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Comment by: Nathan Black On: January 15, 2010
Most online casino software platforms offer this feature. It's a form of necessary redundancy to have such features in place to ensure that the integrity of game play is maintained. Without features like this the only other option would be to void incomplete plays which would definitely piss off players. I for one know that if I was in the middle of a blackjack hand or a bonus round in a slot game and lost power and wasn't able to get back into the game I'd be pretty pissed off.
Comment by: Steve Brando On: August 04, 2009
I agree I think that it's a vital feature to have in both online casino, poker and other gaming software where there are monetary transactions taking place. There's no doubt that companies like Cryptologic and Playtech have done this for a reason although they do allow for the restoration of sessions they make you finish all games and only allow you to make use of this feature in the event that you get a crash.
Comment by: Smitty On: July 14, 2009
This is a great feature. Quite honestly I've been in situations where I couldn't double a hand in blackjack and needed to exit the game or access the cashier. Or other times I've been playing slots and wanted to exit while in the middle of a bonus round. I think that functionality that allows players to exit the casino or a game whenever they want and come back and complete the game at a later point is a great feature to have. I've noticed that a few providers including Cryptologic and Playtech don't permit you to do this...

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