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Credit Cards Player Reviews and Votes

Using credit cards at online casinos still my preferred option.
Rating: by: saradee, on August 26, 2009
Pros: Quick, effective, secure
Cons: No good if you don't have a casino that can accept credit cards properly.
I'm sure that many of you out there who are reading this review may wonder why I'd be writing a review about why credit cards are my preferred option. Well the fact is that credit cards are still the easiest and most convenient way to make deposits at online casinos. For online casinos that are not processing transactions it's because they don't... Read More »
Credit cards for use with online casinos safest and most secure.
Rating: by: halmason, on August 09, 2009
Pros: Still the easiest means of making deposits, most secure IMHO, safest overall.
Cons: Some online casinos have trouble processing credit cards.
If there's one frustration in the online gambling industry it's the whole payment processing thing that gets the best of most of us to play online regularly. I know that for me whenever I have a problem it's usually to do with making a deposit or receiving a withdrawal. I think that even though depositing using credit cards can be frustrating... Read More »
Credit cards at online casino a pain but still the best option.
Rating: by: chimp281, on July 23, 2009
Pros: Quick in some cases, everyone has one...
Cons: Can be a real pain in the butt!
Most people who gamble online regardless of if it's at an online casino or while betting on sports or playing poker there's one thing that's been a pain in the butt for all of us players who reside in the US and choose to play online and that's how to get the money to the betting shop online. For most of us using credit cards has been a huge pain... Read More »
Credit Cards at online casinos good but can also be a pain.
Rating: by: sharonwallace, on June 25, 2009
Pros: Easy means of depositing funds into your account.
Cons: Can be frustrating if you can't deposit or are getting rejections.
For those of you who are familiar with the issues surrounding online casinos and depositing using credit cards you'll know by now that there can be times when even a casino that's had the most reliable payment processing will become difficult to make deposits at. I myself have found myself in these situations in the past and I've always found... Read More »
My favorite online casino banking option is still using credit cards.
Rating: by: burleyhurley, on April 07, 2009
Pros: Quick and easy means of making purchases at online casinos.
Cons: Fax back forms when they are required are a bit annoying.
After realizing how much of a pain in the butt making deposits at online casinos using anything but major credit cards and maybe eChecks I felt compelled to write a short review on using credit cards at online casinos. There's no doubt that as a US player you'll find it more and more difficult to find online casinos that accept credit cards but if... Read More »
Credit Cards are still best when depositing at online casinos.
Rating: by: dannyspicer, on February 18, 2009
Pros: Instant access to playing at casinos, everyone has one, no hassels
Cons: May encounter rejections but rare if you play ar the right casinos!
As a player who resides in the US I've found that using my credit cards at online casino is the only way I really want to go about doing it. Hassling with these third party alternative banking solutions really isn't my style. When I want to play I just want to play and don't want to be bothered with having to set up an account with a third party... Read More »
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