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How to Use Credit Cards at Online Casinos

Depositing using credit cards at an online casino will first mean that you need a credit card with a limit that has not been exceeded. Each online casino has a different method for how they request the data required for purchasing using credit card online. For the sake of this example we've taken a Microgaming casino and illustrated screen shots of the different stages in making a deposit at the casino.

The first thing you'll need to do is to register the card with the casino. This will require that you input the data on the front of the card including your name, card type, card number, expiration date. Next you'll be requested to fill out some additional details such as the billing address that's associated with the card that the bank would have on file.

The next step you'll be requested to select and enter the amount you want to deposit at the casino and to input the CVV number of the card which is a 3 digit number that can be found on the back of your Visa or MasterCard. This number is used to do cross reference security checks to ensure the validity of the card additionally this number is far more difficult to compromise and will only be asked for when you're processing an individual transaction and not when you're registering your card.

Lastly you'll need to confirm the deposit amount and finish the transaction. After your transaction has been submitted you'll need to wait up to a minute or two at the most before your you receive confirmation that your transaction has either been successfully processed or rejected. If the transaction has gone though OK and you receive a successfully status you can begin playing for real money at the casino at any time. If however the transaction has been rejected as mentioned above we'd recommend either trying with a different card of using an alternative banking option to fund your casino account.
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