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Credit Cards Player Reviews and Votes

Credit Cards have become sort of a pain at online casinos.
Rating: by: denniso, on September 17, 2010
Pros: Quick if you can find an online casino that is able to accept them properly.
Cons: A lot of online casinos are having problems especially with MasterCard.
It's no longer nearly as easy to hop around from online casino to online casino as it used to be as far as using your credit card at different online casinos to just deposit a few bucks to play your favorite types of games. I like playing at casinos that use a variety of online casino software and I found that after taking a little bit of a break... Read More »
Option of credit cards for depositing still very much a viable one!
Rating: by: sharkskin, on August 25, 2010
Pros: Easy to deposit with and quickest option.
Cons: Some online casinos aren't as good as others at accepting credit cards.
There's no doubt in my mind that if Visa and MasterCard really wanted to stop all online casinos from being able to accept transactions from players using their credit cards then they would have by now. The fact is however that these big credit card companies make a ridiculous amount of money from the processing of online gambling transactions and... Read More »
MasterCard not the best option for online casino players.
Rating: by: iangeraldo, on August 06, 2010
Pros: Accepted world wide just not the best for casinos.
Cons: Not the best for casinos in my opinion.
MasterCard has been known to be very strict about accepting online casino gambling transactions. This is particularly true for player who are from the United States but also does apply to players from other parts of the world as well. I myself know for sure that I've been having problems with my MasterCard when it comes to depositing at new online... Read More »
Credit Cards at online casinos best way to still deposit.
Rating: by: wrinkle, on July 13, 2010
Pros: Fastest way to deposit funds and start playing at online casinos.
Cons: Sometimes you'll find that casinos aren't able to accept your deposits.
Credit cards although often times frustrating in the sense that it may be difficult from time to time to find online casinos that are able to consistently accept your deposits using credit card are still more favorable then some of the alternatives that are out there. Having experience with both usage of credit cards and alternative banking... Read More »
Use your credit cards at online casinos while you can!
Rating: by: frezpez, on May 28, 2010
Pros: Great banking option for the time being but that might change.
Cons: Future of use of credit cards is sort of uncertain at the moment.
There's no doubt that come next month that there's an immense amount of uncertainty surrounding what exactly is going to happen with the enforcement of the UIGEA, however there's a good chance that the financial institutions which the enforcement will directly target will go after credit card processing companies and banks that allow credit card... Read More »
Credit card depositing at online casinos not so easy!
Rating: by: spencerh, on May 17, 2010
Pros: Not what it used to be.
Cons: Not what it used to be.
If you're playing at an online casino that's able to take your internet casino gambling transactions and deposits though your credit cards it's best to continue playing there rather then looking at and playing at other online casinos. The fact is that online casino depositing with credit cards isn't the easiest thing in the world any longer and... Read More »
Credit card deposits to online casinos in Canada not so easy.
Rating: by: dollarplus, on May 08, 2010
Pros: Was at one point the best option to make deposits.
Cons: No longer works at most online casinos and poker rooms.
Being that I'm from Canada I never thought that the issues that surrounded making deposits at online casinos with credit cards would really affect me nearly as much as they currently do with players who are from the United States who are attempting to make deposits at the online casinos that they play at. I guess I was just naive to think that... Read More »
Still one of the best ways to deposit at online casinos is credit cards.
Rating: by: slatebeclean, on April 20, 2010
Pros: Still one of the best deposit options to play at online casinos.
Cons: Lots of credit card rejections still happening at online casinos.
When looking to make a deposit at an online casino many players often times favor other options instead of using their credit cards for a lot of reasons. If ind that when people I talk to that have attempted to make deposits at online casinos have had issues doing so they automatically beleive that there's something wrong and that it's almost like... Read More »
Use ACH at online casinos if you can over Credit Card!
Rating: by: philbert, on March 15, 2010
Pros: Credit cards were convenient.
Cons: It's way more difficult now then ever to find casinos that will take first time deposits using credit cards.
The days for credit card deposits at online casinos are numbered if you ask me. Having an intimate knowledge of how the financial system works as well as how gaming works and a passion for gaming online really I beleive sincerely that we won't likely have access to making deposits at online casinos with credit cards in the long run. The banks are... Read More »
Credit card get's denied when I try using it at online casino sites!
Rating: by: triumphking, on February 20, 2010
Pros: Used to be the easiest way to make deposits at online casinos.
Cons: Everywhere I've tried using my MasterCard right now I seem to be getting rejected!
Not sure what's up with this but I'm getting rejection error messages when I attempt to make deposits at some online casinos that I've recently tried playing at. This never really happened to me before so I'm not sure what's going on with this whole thing. I used to play at online casinos a long time back and haven't been around as I've been... Read More »
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