Credit Cards Player Reviews
Credit Cards are still best when depositing at online casinos.

Rating: by: dannyspicer, on February 18, 2009
Pros: Instant access to playing at casinos, everyone has one, no hassels
Cons: May encounter rejections but rare if you play ar the right casinos!

As a player who resides in the US I've found that using my credit cards at online casino is the only way I really want to go about doing it. Hassling with these third party alternative banking solutions really isn't my style. When I want to play I just want to play and don't want to be bothered with having to set up an account with a third party company then transfer funds either from my credit card or bank account to this third party account. There's no doubt in my mind that these solutions offered by online casinos are safe and secure, however I just don't have the time or the patience for it.

Personally I still manage to use my credit card at online casinos without any problems and I'm able to deposit as much as I want to play with and it's all done with ease. I wanted to share my views on credit cards and depositing at online casinos with you as I know that for many players out there making deposits at online casinos can be extremely frustrating. My suggestion to US players like myself out there who are still wanting to play is to play at casinos that are known to be able to accept credit card transactions with ease.

I've personally found several of these on my own by trial and error however I've become a big fan of this site Casino Advisor and found a great list of online casinos that cater to US players here where players can enjoy playing by using credit cards to make deposits.

If I had to rank the casinos found here on Casino Advisor into a list of my top three they would be as follows:

1. Slots Oasis Casino
2. Online Vegas Casino
3. Millionaire Casino

Hope this review was of use to all of you US players out there...


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Comment by: Lilly Benson On: April 06, 2009
I'm in full agreement with this players opinion on depositing using credit cards. Quite honestly the easier that online casinos make it for us players to deposit using our credit cards the higher chance that we're going to play and become dedicated to your brand.

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Casinos Accepting Credit Cards

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