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Using credit cards at online casinos still my preferred option.

Rating: by: saradee, on August 26, 2009
Pros: Quick, effective, secure
Cons: No good if you don't have a casino that can accept credit cards properly.

I'm sure that many of you out there who are reading this review may wonder why I'd be writing a review about why credit cards are my preferred option. Well the fact is that credit cards are still the easiest and most convenient way to make deposits at online casinos. For online casinos that are not processing transactions it's because they don't have the know how on how to properly process credit card transactions.

Techniques used by some of the industry leaders and in specific for this review I'm speaking about Rushmore casino where I've been putting in a lot of time playing lately. I don't mean to continue to boast about how good they are. I already wrote a review describing how I prefer them and enjoy playing with them these days. But the fact is that they are able to take pretty much every deposit I put though the casino. Each time I make a deposit it goes though and there really isn't any problem for me to get funds into the casino using my credit cards. To me this level of convenience is really second to none and worth sticking around and playing just with them. I mean I do like the games and offerings that many of the other software providers have, however these guys just know what they're doing and it makes it so much better to play there.

Not only are credit cards still the quickest and most effective way to make deposits at online casinos but I still think them to be the most secure as well.


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Comment by: Juda On: August 29, 2009
From what I understand about this it's that it was just for a public declaration that Amex doesn't accept gambling transactions. I think what actually happened was that several websites were commenting on the fact that there are many US facing online casinos that accept Amex as a form of payment. I don't think Amex had a choice but to come out and say that they don't accept transactions from gaming companies.
Comment by: Karl Benton On: August 29, 2009
I heard a rumor that Amex is no longer accepted by online casinos. I don't really understand this because although I still use my Visa and MasterCard to deposit I'm still able to use my Amex card as well.

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