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Credit card deposits to online casinos in Canada not so easy.

Rating: by: dollarplus, on May 08, 2010
Pros: Was at one point the best option to make deposits.
Cons: No longer works at most online casinos and poker rooms.

Being that I'm from Canada I never thought that the issues that surrounded making deposits at online casinos with credit cards would really affect me nearly as much as they currently do with players who are from the United States who are attempting to make deposits at the online casinos that they play at. I guess I was just naive to think that this issue wouldn't eventually trickle down into Canada like every other crap that hits or goes on in the United States eventually does come up and hit us here in Canada.

Anyways most of the Canadian banks that issue credit cards whether they be Visa or MasterCard are no longer really really able to process payments though these cards since the banks are blocking them. These include the banks like TD, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank and the Bank of Montreal seemingly going in this direction. I know that not all of them are doing it yet but Scotia Bank where I do my banking is and it's kind of frustrating.

As an alternative I've started using Moneybookers as I heard that the bigger online payment option NETeller is no longer accepting or allowing Canadian players from using their solution. It's kind of a bummer but still Moneybookers is great and I've found them to be reliable and work very well as most of the online casinos and poker rooms that I play at online are able to accept deposits and payments though Moneybookers without any problems.

I beleive that since Canada is more liberal in most ways however then the US that we'll see some sort of formalized regulation of the online gambling industry sooner then they will in the US which will be great!


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Comment by: Charles L. On: May 11, 2010
Yeah it's a shame that the effects of the US view on internet gambling and prohibition stems now into Canada and other countries as well.

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