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Credit Cards have become sort of a pain at online casinos.

Rating: by: denniso, on September 17, 2010
Pros: Quick if you can find an online casino that is able to accept them properly.
Cons: A lot of online casinos are having problems especially with MasterCard.

It's no longer nearly as easy to hop around from online casino to online casino as it used to be as far as using your credit card at different online casinos to just deposit a few bucks to play your favorite types of games. I like playing at casinos that use a variety of online casino software and I found that after taking a little bit of a break from online casinos what when I came back into the scene that I wasn't able to find that many online casinos that were able to accept my credit card transactions. I beleive this is largely associated to issues pertaining to US restrictions on internet gambling and perhaps some new laws but it is a pain. I wish that things were as easy as they once were but that doesn't seem to be the case. There are some alternative banking options that can be and are used in general by players but these also have their own problems or limitations to them. Anyways I'm just kinda frustrated and needed to vent here on the site. Not sure how many people actually read these reviews but for me I know that they're quite handy and I rather read these kinds of opinions over that of a gambling website that's probably profiting form giving plugs.


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Comment by: Roger Morris On: September 20, 2010
That really sucks for you US players out there however even for people who are not from the US there are still a lot of issues around credit cards and making deposits at online casinos. Many of the European governments are not fond of the idea.

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