Betting Options In Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a very popular online casino game. Almost all reputed online gaming software providers have this game in their portfolio. Broadly speaking, Caribbean Stud Poker offers payouts at two levels. In the first level, if the player has a better poker hand than the dealer, subject to certain conditions embodied in the rules of the game, the player receives the stipulated payouts. The second level is a progressive jackpot in which if the player’s hand is of a stipulated poker ranking he receives the progressive payouts. While playing online Caribbean Stud poker the player has to make three betting decisions. The first is how much should the ante bet be. The second is whether he should place the $1 bet for the progressive jackpot. The third is whether he should call or fold after seeing his hand and the dealers up card. This article offers some tips for the first decision.

The player has to place the ante bet upfront before the cards are dealt. If the player decides to call then has to place a call bet which is two times the ante bet. Hence the player should be committed to wagering a total amount which is three times the ante bet. The player has to take this into consideration while formulating his betting strategy based on his bankroll for the session and the number of hands he intends to play. If his bankroll is $300 and he intends to play 100 hands than he can wager $3 per hand and therefore is ante bet should be $1. It is true that the player will not have to make a call bet in every hand and therefore he can make some allowance for that if he wants to.

In Caribbean Stud Poker, if the player wins he is paid even money on the ante bet and the call bet is paid out as per as the given schedule. The player should ensure that his bet is such that the payout on the call bet does not exceed the maximum payout stipulated by the online casino. Many online casinos limit payouts to a certain maximum amount irrespective of the payout based on the odds or the schedule given. Some online casinos stipulate this limit within the game, whereas others stipulate this limit in the general terms and conditions. Hence players must check if such limits exist and if they do then they must adjust the wager so that the payout does not exceed the limit. These limits do not apply to the progressive jackpot payouts. Suppose that the casino stipulates a limit of $6,000 for the maximum payout. The payout for a royal flush for the call bet is 1,000 to 1. Based on the odds given a call bet of $10 should payout $10,000 if the player holds a royal flush. However because of the limitation the player will get only $6,000. Hence it is pointless to wager $10 on the call bet which amounts to wagering $5 five on the ante bet. In such a case the player should wager maximum $3 on the ante bet so that he wagers $6 on the call bet and can get the full payout of $6,000 should he hold a royal flush. The player can argue that that the royal flush is a rarity and that by limiting the wagers in the above manner he is settling for less than maximum payouts for the more likely outcomes. This is a valid argument and therefore the player has to make a considered decision based on his risk taking propensity.


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