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Missing Vegas Technology online casino games
Rating: by: pat0354, on January 18, 2012
Pros: Vegas Technology were the best casinos
Cons: I didn't see the disadvantages
I myself love Vegas Technology games and hope these games are offered back in the states soon. It's been a while since they've been offered in the US and I think that the entire company may be closed but there's hope that at some point in the near future that someone will launch an online casino that utilizes their software. Read More »
Vegas Technology a top online casino software for US players
Rating: by: rstevens, on January 04, 2011
Pros: Best slots and casino tournaments for US players.
Cons: In general some of the audio and visuals could be improved on.
For US players these days it's unfortunate that it is this way right now but the fact of the matter is that there really isn't all that much in way of places where we can longer play. Most of the big players in the industry have removed themselves from being involved and are no longer willing to accept the risks and liabilities associated with... Read More »
Top rated online casino software provider worth playing with.
Rating: by: wrinkle, on September 15, 2010
Pros: Among the best online casino software providers out there.
Cons: Could be more frequent game releases.
When it comes to online casinos I think it's an area that I can definitely advise on in the sense that I've been playing for so many years online and that I've been around and played at online casinos that are use software that's powered by a slue of different providers. Of the ones that I used to play at Microgaming is definitely one of my... Read More »
Tournaments at Vegas Technology Casinos Awesome!
Rating: by: bookieyam, on August 31, 2010
Pros: Fun tournaments and plenty of them at casinos using their software.
Cons: Some graphics in their games aren't the best and could be improved on.
Of the software providers out there unfortunately I'm limited sort of in which casinos I can play at due to the fact that I'm based out of the United States. It's kind of a pain but at the same time there are some casinos powered by various software providers that do accept US players that I do continue to play at and rather enjoy playing. One... Read More »
Impressive array of games and great casino tournaments.
Rating: by: mcartu, on June 24, 2010
Pros: Fun filled online casino software.
Cons: Graphics in some games could be nicer.
Vegas Technology online casino software has come quite a long way from some of the last times that I used to play online casinos that use their software. Recently I started playing at Go Casino and at VIP Slots casino both of which are Vegas Technology powered online casinos and was rather impressed with what I saw and the level to which they've... Read More »
Software by Vegas Technology good but could be better!
Rating: by: yolanda, on June 04, 2010
Pros: Great slots tournaments at casinos that use their software.
Cons: Graphics and sounds not so good in their games.
For a company that's been around for so many years you figured that they would have upped the level of graphics in terms of quality in their online casino games that are offered in their suite of games. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be the case though with Vegas Technology with the exception of a few games that they've done really well. I'm... Read More »
Pretty good expereince so far with Vegas Technology software.
Rating: by: stilson, on April 24, 2010
Pros: Quick download of their software and games.
Cons: Had some issues with installing the software initially.
So I wouldn't say that my first experience with their new version of their software since I played at a Vegas Technology casino when they used to be Odds on was the best online casino gambling expereince I've ever had to be quite honest and frank. I found that the software wouldn't install properly the first time that I tired to install it. I... Read More »
Fastest online casino software is by Vegas Technology so I've found.
Rating: by: blizzard777, on April 13, 2010
Pros: Fast downloading online casino software.
Cons: Graphics and sounds in games not the best out there.
When playing at internet casino sites one thing that I find to be frustrating from time to time is the fact that some online casino software takes so long to get installed onto your PC from the moment you start downloading it on the online casinos website to the point where you actually are able to start playing an online casino game for either... Read More »
Quick and friendly casino software from Vegas Technology
Rating: by: scottp, on February 24, 2010
Pros: Tournamets, nice games, free bonuses at their casinos and more.
Cons: There are a few games they have that resemble one another.
One thing that I look for when choosing an online casino that I'm interested and looking at playing is to see how fast their software downloads onto my computer and also once installed how long it takes me to get though the registration process, money deposited into the account and playing. One thing that I've always been impressed about with... Read More »
I think that Vegas Technology among the best online casino software
Rating: by: nychopper, on November 06, 2009
Pros: Fun tournaments with great prizes, big progressive jackpots, and nice selection of games
Cons: The graphics and sounds in some of their games are weak.
If you're looking to play at online casinos and you're from the United States like I am then you don't have a huge amount of options in terms of where you can play. This is where I think that playing at casinos that are using the Vegas Technology online casino software have advantage to players. Unfortunately as US players we don't have that many... Read More »
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