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Rating: by: scottp, on February 24, 2010
Pros: Tournamets, nice games, free bonuses at their casinos and more.
Cons: There are a few games they have that resemble one another.

One thing that I look for when choosing an online casino that I'm interested and looking at playing is to see how fast their software downloads onto my computer and also once installed how long it takes me to get though the registration process, money deposited into the account and playing. One thing that I've always been impressed about with Vegas Technology casino software is how quickly you can get though the whole process from the moment you hit the website to get up and playing any number of games. This to me is a key factor in a good online casino experience. More then that though also I've found that the games download very quickly on average I would have to say about 80% quicker then with Realtime Gaming online casinos and others that I've played in the past.

Most things in their online casinos I really do like including the fact that they're really really into the casino tournaments which I've grown rather fond of and play quite regularly at, at both Online Vegas and Super Slots casino. I never really was a tournament player but now I find my self sometimes playing in more tournaments then regular play. I find it fun to have a goal and work towards an achievement which I beleive is more entertaining then playing against the casino. When playing in online casino tournaments you're really playing against other players in the casino which is something that really interests me and I think would be of interest to other players out there as well.

If you find that you're looking for a good set of online casinos to play at I suggest checking out and playing at casinos that use Vegas Technology online casino software.


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