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Impressive array of games and great casino tournaments.

Rating: by: mcartu, on June 24, 2010
Pros: Fun filled online casino software.
Cons: Graphics in some games could be nicer.

Vegas Technology online casino software has come quite a long way from some of the last times that I used to play online casinos that use their software. Recently I started playing at Go Casino and at VIP Slots casino both of which are Vegas Technology powered online casinos and was rather impressed with what I saw and the level to which they've taken their software.

Before when they used to run their software is was really 2nd tier software if you ask me, this was when they used to still be called OddsOn software. Now however lucky for them they've hit the nail on the head and have managed to actually produce a quality product with some great games.

One of the greatest things about their online casino software is the fact that they are always adding new games. They have some games with some pretty good graphics and sound as well but you have to really dig for those games IMO as they don't have too many of them. I'd like to think that tat their casino games in terms of graphic quality are getting better but I don't really know about that.

The casino tournaments are one of my favorite things about their online casino software and I do think that these are things that they're really doing well.


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