Stop Spin Feature In Online Slots

In order to maintain the competitiveness of their slot games, online gaming software developers introduce innovative features. One such feature is "Stop Spin" that is available in online slots from Vegas Technology and Real Time Gaming. Normally the reels automatically come to a stop after some time. The "Stop Spin" feature enables players to manually stop the spin just after it has been initiated.

All Vegas Technology slots offer this feature. Soon after the reels start spinning the Spin button changes to Stop Spin. Clicking on the button instantaneously stops the reels. A screenshot of the feature is displayed below.

Vegas Technology Stop Spin Preview

Real Time Gaming offers this feature on some of their video slot games. As soon as the reels start spinning the Spin button changes to Stop. Clicking on the button instantaneously stops the reels. A screenshot of the feature is displayed below.

Realtime Gaming Stop Spin Preview

This feature enables players to get in more spins in a given time. Whereas this may appear to be an advantage this is really not so. Online slots have a house edge of about 95%. This means that though it is possible to win sometimes, in the long run players will lose about 5% of their bankroll. Players have to look at this loss as the price of the entertainment they derive from playing slots. Hence by playing more games in a fixed time more often than not a player will lose more money.

Some players love bonus rounds and free spins. It is these innovative and interesting rounds that are responsible for the immense popularity of online slots. Often these rounds offer larger payouts than the base game. Therefore players are in a hurry to see if these rounds have been triggered. It is for this reason that they frequently use the Stop Spin feature. Here players must realize that bonus rounds and free spin rounds are not triggered very often and in any event the combination that triggers them appears randomly. This implies that by playing more it is not essential that these rounds will be triggered. Playing more spins could result in losing the bankroll without ever getting into the bonus round.

Activating the Stop Spin also results in the player deriving less enjoyment from the game. The suspense created while the reels spin is a source of the excitement that the game provides. To lose this excitement is losing the very purpose for which online slots are played. In many slot games the reels come to stop sequentially with the first reel stopping first and the fifth reel stopping last. This heightens the excitement because the symbols on the fifth reel could decide the payouts or entry to bonus rounds. By using the Stop Spin feature all this fun will be lost.


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Comment by: Billy Minor On: January 26, 2010
Love it when casinos offer this it saves a lot of times when you get board of watching the reels spin which for me is quite often, lol...
Comment by: Roger Morris On: January 14, 2010
A very handy feature if you get board of watching the reels on a slot game spin for so long. Also the feature that many online casino software providers have been including in their software is different modes for the speed of play. If offered I usually prefer a medium paced game vs. one that's too slow or too fast when playing these sorts of casino slots games.
Comment by: Joshua On: November 26, 2009
A convenient option but one that I don't find myself taking advantage of I wonder how many people actually make use of such a feature. I would say that it's few and far between!
Comment by: Jane Parker On: November 05, 2009
I find it to be very convenient when playing at online casinos. As a feature within online casinos it's pretty great to have just in case you want to finish and get to the next one because you see that you're not in line for any sort of win.
Comment by: Gino On: October 22, 2009
I'm with you guys this feature is handy I do think that you can very well get carried away with it if you're not too careful which could ultimately result in some issues and perhaps problem gambling habits.
Comment by: Sharon Wallace On: October 16, 2009
Hi everyone... I use the stop button in slots games that I play at that offer it. I find it to be a feature that's kind of inconsistent amongst some of the games that are offered by the same software provider. Hopefully they'll apply the stop button to all of their casino games.
Comment by: budahbless On: September 23, 2009
I like this feature as well although I don't really use it at online casinos as I find that you burn though your money too quickly. In fact this applies both at land based casinos but if you're just wanting to spend your money so you can enter into different bonus rounds that you want to play then this option is a good feature to have.
Comment by: Pauline On: September 16, 2009
A handy feature in deed. Having the ability to stop the reels in slots games either at online casinos or at land based casinos is a good feature in my opinion. I beleive that many people use it actually and I for one know that I take advantage of it from time to time.
Comment by: Hurley Jeminach On: August 25, 2009
The stop function is handy I agree it could lead to problem gambling type habits if you're not careful but I don't think that most people use it excessively. I think that players typically use this function to get more spins in a shorter period of time.
Comment by: Flint Carling On: August 21, 2009
I think it's a good measure for online casino software providers to remove such a feature to as much as possible prevent this aggravated sort of behavior as I would think that it could lead to problem gambling!
Comment by: Blake On: August 12, 2009
I agree with Angie. I'm with her on this I've also found that when using or taking advantage of such a feature in land based casinos that I some times get aggravated that I'm not winning fast enough or not hitting a feature when I want so I end up draining my bankroll rather quickly. Anyways it's almost better to avoid using this feature if you ask me and forget about the fact that it's even there.
Comment by: Angie Kent On: July 15, 2009
This feature is pretty cool not all online casino software providers have integrated this kind of feature in their software platforms. It's important not to get carried away with this feature. I know that when I play in land based casinos sometimes I just want to get to the bonus round and will hit the button to stop the reels so I can start a new spin as quickly as possible in hopes of hitting a feature in the game.
Comment by: Jordan On: July 10, 2009
This is a great feature. Most of the online casinos that I like to play at don't offer this feature in their games but for those that do online and even when I play offline I do tend to use the stop feature from time to time.

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