Slots is a Game of Chance

All slots games today, whether played online or offline, are based on computer software, which simulates the movement of reels. The Random Number Generator (RNG), which is a part of the software, governs the display of the combination of symbols in the reels. The RNG generates a set of numbers in sequence. Each of the numbers is associated through the computer software with a combination of symbols. Some combinations are linked to many numbers and therefore occur more frequently. Some combinations are linked to a few numbers and therefore occur rarely. It is the numbers generated by the RNG, and those numbers alone, which determine the combinations of symbols that appear on the reels. Neither the casino operator nor the player has any access to the RNG.

Is it possible to predict the next number in the sequence by knowing the earlier numbers? The answer is that it is not possible. Mathematicians and computer experts have devised systems that make it impossible to predict the next numbers. It is not possible for us to understand why this should be so without having the prerequisite mathematical knowledge. The random numbers generated are not linked to the time of the day, the date, the phases of the moon or any such phenomenon. Neither are the numbers linked to the amount of the progressive jackpot, or the amount paid out by the slot game in the previous period or to when the jackpot was last hit. The best online gaming software providers, like Microgaming, Playtech and Wizard Gaming get their RNGs tested by expert auditors in the field. Some of these experts are eCOGRA and Technical Systems Testing. And this testing is a continuous process carried out month after month to ensure that the software has not been tampered with.

Unfortunately this is something that many slot players are not able to come to terms with. They feel that they must do something if they have to increase their chances of winning and therefore they have come up with a number of options. Some of these are:

  • Keeping a charm with them like a rabbit's foot or a lucky coin. Some even touch the screen with the charm before activating the spin.
  • Wearing a particular shirt or clothing of a particular color.
  • Playing at a particular hour of the day or day of the week.
  • Calculating the average period between hits for a particular game and starting to wager on that game when that period is reached.
  • For progressive slots, calculating the average payout for a particular game and then starting to wager on that game when the jackpot reaches that amount.

There is nothing lost in doing any of these because they do not decrease the player's chances of winning. If the player feels comfortable doing so, then fine. But he must not allow frustration to set in when he realizes that these techniques are not working.


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Comment by: Andrew K. On: December 11, 2009
If slots wasn't a game of chance then casinos wouldn't likely make as much money from them and other games would likely become the dominant games on the casino floor and at online casinos.
Comment by: Angie Kent On: September 19, 2009
Yeah I find it funny too... people sometimes never really understand how slots work which is a big part of the problem. I beleive that if people had a better understanding of odds and exactly how games functioned including the return to player and house hold advantage in these kinds of games it would be better understood and people wouldn't resort to these kinds of gimmicks to help them win, lol!
Comment by: Lilly Benson On: August 17, 2009
Unfortunately the case is that slots are a game of chance but at the same time I think this is what makes them fun to play. If you wanted to play games where there were decisions that needed to be made why not go play blackjack or baccarat. Slots serve their purpose well as they are by being just that games of chance.
Comment by: Peter Cullen On: August 15, 2009
Agreed sometimes the things people do to help propel their though that they'll increase their chances of winning is very funny to me. It would be nice to educate these players there an on the spot but it wouldn't be very polite to approach someone and let them know that they're not changing a thing with their charms or good luck tokens.
Comment by: Fred Lutton On: August 10, 2009
I love seeing when people take gaming very seriously I find it really funny. I've learned over the years not to take it so seriously especially with games like slots where you have no chance what so ever of influencing the outcome of games. People with their rabbit feet, etc... really make me chuckle.
Comment by: Sil Mondo On: July 21, 2009
If you're playing slots for anything more then entertainment then perhaps it's not a game for you. I know for a fact that many people chase big prizes when playing slots and this is what they're intended to do there's no doubt. It is however factual that slots retain between 12 - 18% meaning that for every 100 credits of game play you're only getting back between 82 and 88 credits each time you play though the credits. If you're looking for consistent wins then perhaps a game like blackjack would be better suited to your needs as blackjack when playing with a pretty much perfect strategy blackjack only yields a less than 1% house hold.

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