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All online gaming software providers offer blackjack games at their online casinos. However they offer different games and hence the blackjack games of each software provider have to be treated differently. This article provides some tips on how to choose blackjack games at Vegas Technology online casinos.

Vegas Technology online casinos offer four blackjack games. Two of these are based on land casino rules. These are European Rules Blackjack and Vegas Strip Blackjack. In both cases the dealer stands on all 17s and therefore the major difference is the no hole card rule. In Vegas Strip Blackjack the dealer checks for blackjack if his face up card is an ace or a ten value card before the player makes a move. If the dealer has a blackjack the game ends and the player loses his wager. In European Rules Blackjack, though the dealer is dealt the second card face down, he never checks for blackjack. In the normal course of play there is no difference as far as the loss to the player is concerned. In Vegas Strip Blackjack the player loses his wager upfront, while in European Rules Blackjack the player loses his wager at the end. In Vegas Strip Blackjack if the dealer has a blackjack the player does not get a chance to place extra wagers on a split or double and hence he cannot lose the extra wagers. In European Rules Blackjack the players places extra wagers on a split or double and if the dealer has a blackjack he loses these wagers. Therefore Vegas Strip Blackjack gives players an advantage. In percent terms this advantage is less than 0.1% but players who wish to wager large bets or play for long times should opt for Vegas Strip Blackjack.

The other two blackjack games at Vegas Technology have been designed for online play. One is Perfect Pairs. The normal game in Perfect Pairs proceeds independently. A separate side bet has to be wagered for the perfect pairs. This bet pays 5 to 1 for a mixed pair, 10 to 1 for a colored pair and 30 to 1 for a perfect pair. A perfect pair is when both the dealt cards of the player are identical in rank and suit. The game is played with 8 decks. The house edge for the perfect pairs side bet is 3.37%. The house edge for the main game is less than 1%. The question therefore arises why any player would place the side bet. If a player wagers his entire bankroll on blackjack then it does not make sense placing the side bet. However, if a player plans to wager 50% of his bankroll on slots then the situation changes. Slots have a house edge of around 5% and the side bet in Perfect Pairs becomes attractive in this context.

The fourth blackjack game at Vegas Technology online casinos is Progressive Blackjack. This has an optional $1 bet towards a progressive jackpot that pays when the first four cards dealt to the player are aces of the same suit. There are other payouts for different combinations of aces. The house edge in progressive jackpot blackjack games is very high at low amounts of the jackpot. It becomes zero when the jackpot amount is around $125,000 (this is not an exact calculation). The general tip would be to avoid this game when the jackpot is less that $100,000 but not to miss out if the jackpot is above $200,000.


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Comment by: sadie777 On: March 01, 2010
I don't notice that much different about their blackjack games other then the fact that Vegas Technology is one of the few software providers out there who offer tournament blackjack which is pretty cool.
Comment by: simpleton On: February 06, 2010
Both European Rules blackjack and conventional Vegas Strip type blackjack are pretty fun games and blackjack variations to play in actually. I think that they're more fun then a lot of the other kinds of casino games that are out there as well. I still am a big fan of slots games and other game types by blackjack comes in a close second to slots for me.
Comment by: m8351 On: February 04, 2010
Blackjack at Vegas Technology powered online casinos is pretty good. I do wish that they had some innovative blackjack variants though like blackjack switch that you'll find at Playtech online casinos which is a pretty fun game to play.
Comment by: jerrybrown On: February 01, 2010
I like the blackjack that VT offers I think it's pretty much the same as the other blackjack's that are offered but the fact that they do offer blackjack tournaments is pretty cool and they're really fun to play in!

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