Land Casino Tips for Online Players

Players at online casinos, especially those who have acquired some expertise, would at some time want to wager at land casinos. They should realize that it a different ball game. Though core gambling skills may be the same, the attitude and preparation required are completely different. And this is because unlike in online casinos where the player is alone, in land casino he will be surrounded by other people with whom he will have to interact. This article provides some tips to online players to help them prepare for land casino wagering.

One of the crucial differences is the speed of the games. In online casinos the player is in total control of the pace of the game. He can customize the game speed to his liking and take as much time as he wants between moves. In blackjack if he wants to think long and hard while deciding whether to stand or hit there is no one to stop him from doing so. However in land casinos there will be several players wagering simultaneously and the dealer cannot keep them waiting. The dealer sets the pace of the game and all players have to fall in line. Therefore online players have to learn how to act fast even when deciding how much to wager on which number in roulette. Once "no more bets" is called, then the player will be left with the chips in his hand. In games like blackjack to stand is the default move and if the player does not act in time the dealer will deem that the player stands and will move on.

Blackjack is the game that can be most difficult for online players to adapt to. The best online casino software providers have built in strategy cards into the blackjack software. This allows online players to wager on blackjack in an optimal manner without taking any decisions themselves. Hence such players will be unaware of the optimal blackjack strategy. In land casinos blackjack strategy cards cannot be used. Hence players are on their own. If they have not memorized the optimal strategy and are not accustomed to using it at reasonable speed they will take a big beating. The average return to blackjack player who make frequent mistakes can fall well below 90% from over 99%. If online players want to play blackjack at land casinos they must develop their skills by playing without activating the strategy card and auto play. They take their own decisions and compare them with the strategy card later. They should do this in the free play mode so that they do not lose while learning.

Just as different variants of the same game at online casinos have different rules, the same game is played at different land casinos, and even at different tables in the same casino, with different rules. Therefore players should be fully aware of the rules applicable at the table. Usually the rules will be displayed on the table in some manner and players should look out for that. Otherwise they can ask the dealer to spell out the rules.

The casino staff is trained to be helpful to all customers, especially to those who are new to land casino environment. However some ways of seeking assistance are better than others. The same practices that are used with online customer support apply. Ask politely instead of demanding aggressively and since this is a face to face interaction a smile will go a long way in getting a positive response.


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