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Vegas Technology Keno

In Vegas Technology online casinos Keno is located in the Specialty Games section. In keno players mark up to 15 numbers on the keno ticket. The software then draws 20 numbers. If a marked number appears as a drawn number it is a hit. The players are paid out based on the number of hits made.

In Vegas Technology keno the ticket is displayed in the top center of the screen. The numbers on the ticket are selected by clicking on them. Selected numbers can be deselected by clicking on them. A "clear" button is provided, clicking on which clears all the selected numbers. The size of the wager can be selected using a button below the ticket. The available wagers are $1, $2, $5 and $10. The player can purchase 1 or 5 or 10 games with the same numbers marked on the ticket by clicking the appropriate button on the bottom of the screen. This also sets the game in motion.

The payout table is displayed to the right of the ticket. The payout table is different for the different quantity of numbers marked on the ticket. When the player has finished marking the desired numbers the applicable payout table is displayed. It gives the payouts for different number of hits. If the player has marked 15 numbers the payout begins with 3 hits for which the payout is 0.5. The highest payout is 10,000 for 15 hits. The payout indicates the multiple of the wagered amount. For a payout of 10,000 and a wager of $2 per ticket the player will get paid $20,000.

Once the game is started the balls fall one by one from the bucket on the left of the ticket to the slot. The numbers on the ticket that are hit get highlighted in green as do the corresponding balls. The appropriate row of the payout table is also highlighted in green. If the player has chosen multiple games the initial position is automatically recreated and the next game begins. After the last game is played the final status is left as it is. Some useful information is displayed on the screen. "Total numbers played" indicates the quantity of numbers marked on the ticket. "Bet" indicates the wager per ticket and "Win" indicates the amount won in the game.

After the game is over the player has several options. Clicking the "rebet" button reproduces the last ticket but does not automatically start the game. Clicking the "play 1", "play 5" or "play 10" button restarts new games with the same ticket. Clicking the "clear" button leaves a fresh ticket on the screen.

The "Options" button on the bottom toolbar allows the player to customize the playing arena. By disabling the Game Sound option the player will not hear the game sounds like the balls being shaken in the bucket and the hits being marked on the keno ticket. These sounds add realism to the gaming experience without taking anything away. Disabling the Background Sound eliminates the background music that displayed while the game is in progress. Disabling Animation eliminates the entire process of the balls being shaken and falling one by one into the slot. All 20 balls are immediately and simultaneously displayed in the slot and the corresponding hits are immediately and simultaneously displayed on the ticket. Disabling Animation makes the keno game play much faster, which is an advantage. However it takes away from some of the fun. The last option has to do with playing on full screen or in the Windowed mode.

Keno can be played at all Vegas Technology online casinos. CasinoAdvisor recommends Online Vegas Casino, Go Casino, VIP Slots Casino, Millionaire Casino and Silver Dollar Casino.

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