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Keno Strategy

Keno like bingo is based on luck. It is a game in which you cannot predict what numbers are going to be popped out of the machine on any given round. It is a random process; having said that, there is only a small strategy that could enhance your chance of winning a payout. If you choose five numbers on a ticket you have the same chance of a different five being the winners. The fact is that every number has the same chance of being drawn.

Your picks are not going to make any difference to what numbers will be offered. In other words it is a lot like Poker or Blackjack in which the cards are shuffled at random. The balls in Keno are spun in a random fashion. You can't make a choice that numbers 10, 50, 79, 4, and 35 will be the winning numbers and be correct. Yes, once one ball is drawn you will have 79 more possibilities for the next number. So the chance that you will get one number right is there, in fact if you bet up to 10 numbers in Keno you have a better chance of getting at least one number right.

Like bingo you shouldn't expect the same numbers in a recent game to be redrawn. This will at least give you a bit of a chance. You can bet on numbers that have not been drawn in the last five to ten games. You might just see more of a win from this strategy, but it is still random, so don't think it is fool proof.

On the other side of the coin some players actually bet on the numbers that have come up in recent games. They believe these numbers have more of a pattern to them. In other words they study the numbers for what comes up in 10 games, and whether some numbers have been repeated. Then they will bet on these repeated numbers thinking they have more of a hope since they found a "pattern" of sorts.

You might even find that choosing a sequence of numbers is a better option such as 15 and 16 or 35 and 36. It is again just a superstition that could help you win. Some players have had success.

Using the same numbers such as consecutively could be important. Again the options are random therefore a strategy is really all about your thought process, rather than the winning chance.

Keno Lessons
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