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Keno Glossary

Aggregate Limit - A casino is going to be responsible for a certain amount of money when Keno is being played that is the aggregate limit.

Balls - Like bingo you have numbered round objects that will be the winning numbers. They are labeled 1 through 80.

Bankroll - This is the funds a player will wager during the Keno or any other game.

Bet - This is the funds the player will make on a round of Keno taken from the bankroll.

Combination Ticket - This ticket has more than one type of wager you can place on it.

Conditioning - This term refers to the terms and conditions you must play by in a land casino for Keno.

Draw - Meaning the numbers that will result during the Keno round. In other words a draw is when the numbered balls are released to decide who wins.

Free Play - Keno normally requires some form of a wager, but in free play you are able to try the game and learn the rules before you play for real money.

Hit - a term for a number you selected that is shown on one or more of the numbered balls drawn during the game.

House Edge - This is the probability of the house winning. In other words through statistics a numerical value is given to tell you how often the house will win, and the advantage they have. In Keno it is usually twenty to thirty percent.

Payoff - the term for your winnings in the Keno game.

Progressive Jackpot - Some Keno games have a jackpot that you add to as you play, so that it increases over time until it is won by a player with the right numbers.

Random Number Generator - This is the tool used to pick the numbers that are drawn during the Keno round. It is random so that the numbers will be different and not under anyone's control.

Split Ticket - This is another type of ticket in which you need to play a group of numbers in a separate area.

Ticket - This is the means for you to choose the numbers for the casino to check during the Keno round.

Wager - another term for bet.

Way Ticket - This ticket allows for more than one wager.

Keno Lessons
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